High Jump Sports

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High Jump Sports

high jump sports

As the name suggests, high jump requires athletes to jump the highest possible distance vertically without dislodging a horizontal bar placed at a certain height. Unlike pole vault though, athletes must do high jump without any support, requiring high levels of speed, explosive power and agility on their part to succeed.

One important thing to keep in mind is that athletes can use only one foot during takeoff. In simpler terms, the jumper can only have one foot planted on the ground while initiating the jump.

The field for high jump sports contest consists of three parts.

The first is the runway or the take off area. It is generally a minimum of 15m in length and 16m in width.

The second is the upright, which comprises two vertical bars supporting a horizontal crossbar measuring 4m. The crossbar is height adjustable and is not fixed to the vertical frames. It is placed very delicately and can be dislodged by the slightest of touches.

The third, meanwhile, is the crash mat placed behind the upright to cushion the jumper’s fall. It is mostly a safety measure to prevent any sort of injuries.

A high jump starts with an athlete using the runway to make an approach to the upright. As long as they stay within the limits of the runway, the jumper is allowed to make their approach any way they see fit. They can run straight or take an angled approach or run fast or slow towards the upright.

Once a jumper is near the upright, they airlift vertically using one foot during the take off. The objective is to clear the crossbar placed at a certain height from the ground and land on the crash mat. If the athlete manages to land on the crash mat without dislodging the crossbar, the jump is considered legal.

If any part of the jumper’s body touches the crossbar during a jump, it is still considered a legitimate jump as long as the crossbar isn’t dislodged.

However, if the crossbar gets dislodged from the vertical frames or the athlete touches the vertical frames during a jump, the effort is considered as a failed jump.

Also, a high jumper’s shoe needs to meet certain specifications. They can have soles with a maximum thickness of 13mm and heels with a maximum thickness of 19mm.

In summary, High Jump is a Sport where athletes are required to jump the highest possible distance vertically without dislodging a horizontal bar placed at a certain height.


What is High Jump?


Reading Assignment

A person who participates in High Jump is called what?


Weekend Assignment

Identify three steps used in High Jumps 


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