Singing Games

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Singing Games 

singing games

Singing games are a great way to teach musical concepts, incorporate movement, and give children an opportunity to sing alone and with others. 

Singing games are activities based around a particular verse or rhyme, usually associated with a set of actions and movements. 

Why Use Singing Games?

It turns out that there are many reasons why singing games belong in the music classroom. Here are some of them:

  • They are fun
  • They inspire a feeling of community
  • Singing games are a welcome counterpoint to exercises that require sitting and more concentration
  • They provide an opportunity for students to connect with their heritage and that of others.

Let’s take a look at some singing games and demonstrate the activities.

Old Gray cat

  • Old gray cat is sleeping (put hands to cheek and pretend to sleep)
  • Little mouse is creeping (hands on knees, keeping a quiet microbeat)
  • Old gray is creeping (hands on knees, keeping a quiet macrobeat)
  • Little mouse is scampering (hands on knees, patting as quickly as possible)

Who is in the Garden

Leader: Who is in the garden?

Group: That’s a little small girl (boy).

Leader: Can I come and see her (him)?

Group: No, no, no!

Leader: Now you follow me!

Everyone stands in a circle holding hands. The leader walks around outside the circle and sings, “Who is in the garden?” The group standing in the circle replies, “That’s a little small girl/boy.” The leader walks around outside the circle and says, “Can I come and see her?” The group replies, “No, no, no!” Then the leader says, “Now you follow me” and taps someone on the back. That person should follow the leader outside the circle.

The leader repeats, “Who is in the garden?” The group says, “That’s a little small girl.” The leader says, “Can I come and see her?” The group says, “No, no, no!” The leader says, “Now you follow me” and taps another person on the back. They keep doing this until there are only two left in the circle. Finally, the one left who wasn’t tapped has to chase and catch the other people. Then they start another round of the game. The person who had to chase everyone is the leader in the new round.


What is a Singing Game?


Reading Assignment

Give two importance to Singing Games.


Weekend Assignment

Identify a singing game you enjoy and play it with a friend. 


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