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In today’s class, we will be talking about the branches of non-visual arts. Enjoy the class!

Branches of Non-Visual Arts

Branches of Non-Visual Arts

Non- visual arts are grouped into two parts: the performing arts and the literary arts.

  • Performing arts:

These are those form of art in which the artists perform live on stage to an audience. It could also be a solo performance or a group performance. Performing arts comprise of music, dance, drama, oratory, opera and artists who participate in performing arts in front of a live audience are called performers. In performing arts, performers come alive as they adapt their appearance with costumes and stage make- up.

  • Music:

Music can be defined as a composition of organized sounds to produce beauty or forms, rhythm, harmony and expression of emotion. Common element embedded in music is the pitch which governs the melody and harmony, rhythm, dynamics timbre and texture. Music is composed and performed in many different styles.

  • Dance:

This is the art of rhythmic movement of the body to music. It is a powerful impulse used as a form of audience entertainment in a performance setting.

Types of dance

Different styles and forms of dance are distinguished by many things such as shoes, music and costumes. Examples of include ballet –tap, hip-hop, country,

  • Drama:

Drama can be identified in two forms;

  1. drama as a performing art
  2. drama as literary art.

Drama as a performing art can be defined as the art of giving live on stage to the scripted literary work of art, while literary art can be defined as a written work of art to be performed by actors.

  • Literary arts:

Literary art is the art of written words, often restricting to those that possess the intellectual and artistic value.

Literary arts can be classified into five genres: Poetry, prose, drama, non- fiction and media.

  • Poetry:

This is a form of literary art which uses verse, rhythm, and aesthetics with evoking imagery to ignite an emotional response from the reader.

  • Prose:

Prose can be defined as any kind of written art that is not poetry. It is written in complete sentences and organized in a paragraph with plot and characters.

  • Drama:

This is the art of writing that can create a script consisting of dialogue, monologue and stage direction to be performed on stage by actors.

  • Non-fiction:

Drama, prose and poetry share in the written art of fiction, which is to tell a story, pass on information, educate the readers about certain topics, facts, ideas or issues.

  • Media:

This encompasses the conventional media, new media and important kinds of written works in our society today ranging from news, movie, films, commercials, billboard, radio jingles e.t.c.


In our next class, we will be talking about Introduction to Culture.  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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