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In today’s class, we will be talking about the introduction to mosaic. Enjoy the class!

Introduction to Mosaic

Introduction to Mosaic

Mosaic is the art of creating decorative pictures and patterns on a surface by setting small coloured pieces of pebbles, glass, marble, tiles, beads in a support base of adhesive or cement. Mosaic originated from ancient Greece but was later developed extensively by Roman craftsman, mostly in form of pavement.

There are three main ways of creating mosaic:

  1.  The direct method
  2. The indirect method.
  3. The double indirect method.
  • The direct method: This method involves fixing each tessera directly on the wet cement bed or any other surface or chosen support.

The direct method suffers the following limitations:

  1. The artist or mosaicist must work on-site
  2. It is error intolerant because it allows a limited time frame for effecting corrections
  3. The mistake that is not seen early will have to be broken and redone
  • The indirect method: this method is effective and efficient for large-scale jobs with repetitive design patterns rendered in glass or tiles. The mosaic components will be fixed face-down to a sticky backing which then will be transferred to the final support base.
  • Double indirect method: in the case of the double indirect method, the tiles are rendered face-up on a sticky backing allowing the artist or mosaicist the advantage of seeing the pattern like it will be in final instalment as it is being created.

Uses of mosaic and its techniques

  1. Bathroom decoration
  2. Half wall design
  3. Full wall design
  4. Abstract design
  5. Kitchen decoration
  6. Shower decoration
  7. Necklaces
  8. Decoration of fabrics
  9. Decoration of vases
  10. Picture frames and furniture
  11. Decoration of bags
  12. Eyeglass frames
  13. Watches


In our next class, we will be talking about Introduction to Collage.  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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