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In today’s class, we will be talking about costume and make-up in drama. Enjoy the class!

Costume and Make-Up in Drama

Costume and Make-Up in Drama

Costume in drama include all the clothes, carry on and accessories worn by actors and actresses in a play, film or movie to complement the features in their character or to make them look like somebody or something else.

Make- up:

Make-up is an artificial substance usually used to complement the actor’s facial characteristics or to disguise them. It is also essential used to help fit the actor or actress fit in character. The act of make-up needs to work in synergy with the actor’s costume.

The basic technique for make-up

  1. Cleanse the face
  2. Apply base colour
  3. Apply lining colours and rouges.
  4. Outline with an eyebrow pencil.
  5. Apply powder with the required brush.
  6. Check for touch-ups and in the absence of that, the process is complete.

Functions of costume in drama

  1. Adapt clothing to suit an actor’s character.
  2. To disguise
  3. To create variety and unity.
  4. To identify occupation and lifestyle.
  5. To express or reflect formalized convention.
  6. To exaggerate mood and atmosphere.
  7. To interpret tribe, culture or ethnicity.
  8. To define gender and reflect the age
  9. To define and identify a character
  10. To indicate the historical period of a play and the location which it occurs.

Functions of make-up

  1. Make-up changes the actor’s appearance and put them in character.
  2. To interpret age groups
  3. To achieve a look-alike in skin colouration, eye shapes, hair colour, and texture of hair or ethnic groups
  4. To disguise
  5. To beautify
  6. To interpret moods and feelings
  7. Establish identity to a character’s face.
  8. To complement the costume


In our next class, we will be talking about the Theory and Rudiment of Music.  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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