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Music: Uses and Impact

Music: Uses and Impact

Music is powerful and motivational that it shapes the social, emotional, cultural, traditional and religious aspect of man in time both past and present.

Uses of music

  • Daily guide/Timekeeping.
  • Educating/Teaching and Learning.
  • Sales and Advertisement.
  • Background sound.
  • Social activities.
  • Expression of feeling and emotion.
  • Religion

Impact of music in human life

The impact of music in peoples every day lives to depend on the uses they make of it, the degree to which they engage in it and the context in which they listen to it. Hue impact of music to human life are as follows;

  1. Music stimulates man’s ability to think better, analyze matters faster
  2. Music stimulates human to work more efficiently
  3. It serves as an effective memory aid for man, impacting on man’s ability to assimilate easily while learning through music
  4. Music has been exploited for its alternative treatment potentials through the use of therapies for the treatment of illness
  5. Music has contributed to a higher level of alertness and concentration in humans
  6. Laboratory studies have shown that music can change heart rate, respiration, blood pressure
  7. Music ignites the wave of creativity
  8. It improves social interaction
  9. Music has influenced change in social behaviour and inventions


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