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In today’s class, we will be talking about the origin and history of cultural and creative arts. Enjoy the class!

Origin and History of Cultural and Creative Arts

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Artistic works and expressions have existed for almost a long humankind. All the same, the word ‘Art’ is derived from a Latin word ‘ars’ which means ‘ skill or craft’. Many great traditions in art have been influenced by the great ancient civilizations like Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, Persia, Rome and China. Identical to these centres of early civilization they developed a unique and characteristics styles of arts.

Islamic art strived in the east, but its rejection of iconography gave birth to the exploration of geometric patterns, calligraphy architecture, dominated by religion. Meanwhile, India developed and flourished with the art of painted sculpture and dance. China grew in her flamboyant range of art forms, in music, pottery, carving, calligraphy, action varying from era to era, each named traditionally after the ruling dynasty of that era.

The birth of modern arts in the late nineteenth century led to a movement that radically changed the concept of the function of Art.

Art history:

Art history is the study of how art has developed over time, side by side with the influences and changes of art within its historical, religious and social contexts.

Importance of art history to culture

The importance and contribution of art history to culture is in its documentation of art roles in forming and reforming culture. The study of the culture and art of a people, current or past, can tell us about the people’s perception to religion, traditions, social and trade exposure which together forms the culture and belief of such people.

  • What art historians do:

Art historians study the artistic movements of a people, compare past eras in history, types and styles of art with possible influence from those of other cultures. The art historian is concerned about the various historic aspects of an artwork, the social and political context in which they were created, the art movement and era to which they belong.

  • Art history in our daily living:

Art history is an essential medium of promoting, preserving, documenting and inspiring all forms of cultural and creative art, from painting, sculpture, print, ceramics graphic, music, advertising, drama, dance, making of movies and films. It also gives insight into the lives and works of the artists. Examples of some notable artists/artistes whose lives and works have been documented through the instrument of art history are Socrates, Michel Angelo, Baroque, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Ben Enweonwu, Olu Jacobs.


In our next class, we will be talking about the Branches of Visual Arts.  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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