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In today’s Business Studies class, We will be looking at the Post Office as a means of communication. We hope you enjoy the class!


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NIPOST is an important branch of the Federal Ministry of Communications.  Internal and international postal services are the major responsibilities of NIPOST.


POSTAL SERVICES: As regards internal postal services within Nigeria, NIPOST delivers letters, parcels, cards, etc.  Charges for these services vary from time to time.

TELEGRAPHIC SERVICES: NITEL makes it possible to dispatch telegrams within and outside Nigeria.  It is also possible to send telegrams to ships on the high seas.

ORDINARY LETTER POSTAGE SERVICE: NIPOST carries and distributes letters to people and institutions within Nigeria.  This is a very important service.

EXPRESS LETTER POSTAGE SERVICE: NIPOST dispatches express letters as quickly as possible and by the fastest available means.  This service attracts extra charges.

POSTAGE BY AIR: Airmail service is a means by which the post office sends people’s mails by air through aeroplane.


REGISTERED LETTERS: At times, some letters have very important documents attached to them or they themselves are very important.  In any of these cases, such a letter may be registered to guarantee its safety.   The post office collects extra charges for rendering this service to its customers.

REGISTERED PARCELS: Like the registered letters, parcels that contain important items are frequently registered by the post office at the request of its clients.  This is done to secure the content of such parcels.  For this service, the post office also charges the customer more.

INTERNATIONAL, TRUNK AND LOCAL CALLS: The post office renders the above telephone services to its customers.  These are explained as follows.

INTERNATIONAL CALLS: These are calls made from one country to another.  Different rates are charged for such calls based on the country to which the call is made and the duration of each call.

TRUNK CALLS: These are calls made within a country but from one town to another.  Examples are calls from Lagos to Ibadan or from Asaba to Kano all in Nigeria. Also, different rates apply to different calls depending on the time of the day or night the call is made and the duration of such calls.

 LOCAL CALLS: Local calls are calls made within the same town.  For example a call from Yaba to Oyingbo in Lagos Mainland.


  1. Explain:
      • a. registered letters
      • b. ordinary letters
      • c. trunk calls.
  2. Mention four types of communication


Business Studies for JSS3 by O. A. Lawal, pages 51 to 58


    1. What is a typewriter?
    2. Give ten parts of the typewriter
    3. Which is the moveable part of the typewriter when typing?
    4. Give the function of each part of the typewriter as mentioned above
    5. In what year was the typewriter invented?


  1. The call made from Aba to Kano in Nigeria is called — call.

a  trunk      b  local      c  internal       d  international

2     Which of the following attracts extra charges to handle?

A.  ordinary mail       B. postcard      C. business letter       D. express letter

3     A call from Lagos to Accra is an/a —- call.

a  local     b  trunk      c  ordinary      d  international

4     — helps to save an ocean-going vessel in danger

a  diagram     b  telegram     c    programme     d  none of the above

5     The following are services rendered by the post office except? a. express letters b. money orders c. poster orders d. satellite services


  • List and explain three importance of
  • How does communication serve as an aid to trade? Give five examples.



We have come to the end of this class. We do hope you enjoyed the class?

Should you have any further question, feel free to ask in the comment section below and trust us to respond as soon as possible.

In our next class, we will be talking about Simple Single Business Goals. We are very much eager to meet you there.


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