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A trial balance is a list of debit and credit balances extracted from the ledger. The trial balance shows the arithmetical accuracy of ledger entries. Double-entry bookkeeping requires that the totals of the debit column and that of the credit column of the trial balance agree.

Where the two sides of a trial balance do not agree, this suggests the presence of one or more errors in the ledger. However, the agreement of a trial balance does not necessarily mean that the accounts are without error as there are some errors that can occur but would not affect the agreement of a trial balance.


  1. The trial balance is used to show the arithmetical accuracy of postings made in the ledger
  2. The trial balance shows the summarized form of the balances of accounts in the general ledger at a glance
  3. It helps in the preparation of trading account, profit and loss account and the balance sheet.


Lucy Enterprises

Trial Balance As At 31st December 2002

Particular                    Folio                              DR                   CR

N                       N




Prepare a trial balance from the following accounts:

Creditors. N2784, bank overdraft N1980 and Purchases N4764




Prepare a trial balance from the ledger account balances:

Capital   N1, 000, Creditors  N100, Purchases N4764, Sales N5194,

Stocks    N480, Debtors N100 and Cash N950



  • State the rules of posting entries into the trial balance
  • State two uses of a trial balance


Business Studies for Junior Secondary Schools, Book 3 by O.A .Lawal et al pages 60-71


  1. What is a cash book?
  2. Mention the types of cashbook.
  3. State the principle of double-entry.
  4. Draw the format of a ledger.
  5. Which type of cash book is similar to the format of a ledger?


  1. All expenses are ———– in the trial balance  A. debited       credited      C.  added      D.  deducted

2) All liabilities and incomes should be ——— A. debited      B  earmarked       C  credited       D  added

3) Which of the following is credited in the trial balance? A  Loan     B  Purchases      C  Wages       D  rent

4) Drawings are ————- in the trial balance A. credited     B.  debited      C  added      D  deducted

5) All liabilities are ———— in the trial balance A  debited      B.  credited       C.  added       D.  deducted




  • What is a trial balance?
  • Sketch a format of the trial balance with at least seven entries on the credit side and fifteen entries on the debit side.




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