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A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction with a behaviour, an activity, a product or a service which can be oral or written, justified or unjustified. Consumers may express dissatisfaction with a product or a service and this may be in order to get compensation.


A complaint is justified where such complaint has a good defendable basis. For instance, a consumer may order for a particular product, pay for the products, take the product home for use only to find out that such a product does not perform to expectation. The consumer is justified to make a complaint provided he/she has followed the instruction given on the use of the product.

On the other hand, an unjustified complaint is a complaint that has no fair basis for redress. For instance, a customer who has bought a blender and does not enjoy the use of the blender may not have a good basis for making a complaint where he/she has handled the equipment poorly or he/she has not followed the user’s manual.

How-to-complain business studies classnotesng


It is necessary that the complaint is made as soon as dissatisfaction is noticed. Hence, whenever a consumer has a complaint about a product or a service, he/she can call a company’s number dedicated to receiving complaints and talk about the problem to a representative of the organization offering the service. Such problem discussed on phone can be dealt with on spot.

Also, the company may have designated hours for addressing customers’ complaints. For instance, Monday to Friday {9am to 12 pm}. A complaint can be made by e-mail, where a link is selected and the complaint is made. A complaint could be made by writing a letter. Here the letter is addressed appropriately to the organization. The response to the complaint may be immediate, depending on the nature of the complaint.


The different formats of presenting complaints are:

  1. In large prints
  2. In audiotape
  3. Braille


  1. Define a complaint
  2. Distinguish between justified and unjustified complaints


  1. It offers an opportunity to examine and put the right weaknesses found in a product or the delivery of a service.
  2. It engenders a happier consumer base thereby improving customer loyalty.
  3. It leads to a reduction in administrative costs since there will be no need reporting complaints which have earlier been resolved within a business day
  4. It leads to a reduction in follow up correspondence and requirements 


  1. Define consumer complaint.
  2. State the types of consumer complaint.


WABP Business Studies JSS3 by Egbe Ehiametalor et al, pages 71 to 77


  1. State the means of making payment.
  2. What is a margin?
  3. Give ten types of office equipment.
  4. State the function of each of the office equipment.
  5. State four roles of wages office.


  1. A complaint can be oral or written  A. True   B. False
  2. An expression of dissatisfaction is called ___    A. redress    B. complaint   C. banning of product.
  3. A complaint that has a defendable basis is known as___ complaint.    A. wholesome    B. clean   C. justified   D. unjustified.
  4. Resolving complaints brings the following benefits EXCEPT for ___   A. engendering a happier customer B. improving customer loyalty C. increasing customers’ complaint    D. creating an opportunity to examine a product.
  5. Which of the following agencies protects consumers?  A. EFCC   B. INEC      C. NAFDAC   D. NECO


  1. What is a complaint?
  2. Explain the following: i. justified complaint   ii. Unjustified complaint.
  3. List the steps to take when making a complaint



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