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A table is a structure made up of rows and columns and used to organize data. Tables are very good for presenting figures and statistics.   

Tabulation involves arranging items in columns. In a tabular arrangement, therefore, Items stand out below each other, vertically, and on the same line as another in the next column, if horizontally.

Tabular work has the following features:-

  1. Top and bottom margins are equal if vertical display.
  2. Left and right margins are equal if a horizontal display.
  3. Equal spaces between the columns, usually odd number spaces such as 3, 5 or 7 spaces.
  4. Left and right margins, being equal, the table is centred over the page



1. The effectiveness of any display work, particularly, in tabulation, depends on correct horizontal calculation.

2. Ensure the correct width of your paper on the typewriter

3. Pica and elite typewriters have six standard spaces to a vertical 1 inch (25 mm).

4. Horizontal spacing: Pica – 10 characters (horizontal spaces = 1 inch). Elite – 12 characters (horizontal spaces = 1 inch).


To create a table, do the following:

  • Start a new word document
  • From the menu bar, click on the table.
  • From the menu that drops down, click insert
  • A sub-menu appears and from the sub-menu, click insert.

For instance, one can create a table for ten natural resources and their locations in Nigeria. The first step is to type the headings.

The table will have two columns and ten rows. The number of columns and the number of rows will be adjusted. Then click the OK button. Your table will look like this:



The boxes in the table as drawn in the Microsoft Word are called cells. You can go ahead and type into cells



Coal Enugu
Crude Oil Rivers
Tin Plateau
Limestone Kogi
Groundnuts Kano
Timber Delta
Cocoa Oyo
Palm Oil Imo




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1. What are the typewriting typefaces?

2. What is most important in the effectiveness of any display work?


Business studies for JSS3 by O. A Lawal and others pages 152-154.


  1. State the principle of double-entry.
  2. Give three examples of current assets.
  3. What is a capital?
  4. What is the reward of capital?
  5. State the other name for an entrepreneur as a factor of production


1. Pica and elite typewriters have ——— standard spaces to a vertical 1 inch (25 mm)    A. 5    B. 6   C.   7       D.   8

2. For a vertical display top and bottom margins must be ————-    A. odd number B. unequal       C.   equal        D.  even number

3. To centre the table heading, the left and right margins must be ————-A. equal B. even       C.   odd number        D.  unequal

4. The odd-number spaces between columns help to insert ————A. missing words B. missing letters       C.   lines     D.   decorations

5. To ensure the correct width of your paper on the typewriter by inserting the paper with left edge on scale point ———- A. 25mm       B.   0       C.   2        D.   3


1          Display with your typewriter the manuscript in Exercise 5 on page 155.

2          In an A4 landscape, how many characters are there in a pica typewriter?




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We have come to the end of this term. It’s been a remarkable journey and we are glad that you have made it this far. For making it this far, we commend you for being resilient, you have taken charge of your education and future.

The Journey still continues though, we are moving on to Third Term. we hope to meet you there. 


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