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Transportation is concerned with the movement of people and goods from one place to another.  This is concerned with all activities that ensure an effective transportation system. Those who engage in these services are drivers, pilots, sailors, etc.


  • It facilitates the efficient distribution of goods and services.
  • It promotes trading activities.
  • It facilitates the efficient movement of productive resources i.e. man and materials.
  • Transportation prevents waste. E.g. of perishable goods.
  • It encourages the development of rural areas.
  • It encourages trade between one country and another.
  • Transport widens the market for goods and services i.e. taking goods and services to where they are needed most.
  • It leads to economic growth and development.
  • Transport helps to improve the standard of living of the people.


The means or methods of transportation in Nigeria are as follows –


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(A) Transport by Land: Land transport can be sub-divided into

A.  Road transport

B. Rail transport

The means of road transport in Nigeria are-

      1. motor vehicle
      2. trailers
      3. buses
      4. bicycles
      5. motor-cycles
      6. carts
      7. camel
      8. walking

Transport by Rail: Train has its special route.  It does not move on ordinary ground. The special iron tracks on which trains move are known as railway lines.



(B) Water Transport: This uses:

      • boat
      • canoe
      • ships, etc.






  • Air Transport – This is carried out by means of aeroplanes from one airport to another in Nigeria.



  • Pipeline Transport: This is a suitable means of transporting liquid products such as water, crude oil and gas.



  1. Define transportation.
  2. State the main modes of transportation.


Business Studies for JSS3 by O. A. Lawal, pages 41 to 49.


  1. Transportation is the movement of _____ and ____ from one place to another.

A. goods and services B. goods and loads C. people and children D. people and goods.

2. Which of the following is not one of the importance of transportation? Transportation___

A. expands the scope of the market for manufactured goods. B. facilitates the distribution of goods C. increases the spoilage of goods D. encourages tourism.

3. Which of the following means of transport is suitable for transporting crude oil?

A. Ferry B. Coaster C. Pipeline D. Road transport

4. The means of transport that involves special iron tracks for it to move is known as ___ A. pipeline transport   B. road water transport   C. rail transport   D. air transport.

5. Which is the odd one among the following?

A. Ferry B. Carmel C. Trailer D. bus.


  1. What is transportation?
  2. Give the main means of transportation
  3. State five importance of transportation



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