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In today’s Christain Religious Studies class, We will be learning about The Similarities Between Today’s Religious Situation and That of Josiah. We hope you enjoy the class!


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There are a number of similarities between today’s religious situation and that of Josiah.

  1. Before Josiah’s reform, there were various vices rampant in society.  Just as society was grossly abused during Josiah’s time the same is obtainable in our current society. Before Josiah’s reform, crime and some atrocities were rampant in the church, today also we can understand that there is news of various crimes and several vices that have been perpetrated by seeming religious leaders.
  2. The religious situation that preceded Josiah’s reform was quite disturbing Just as the case is with the current religious situation where there are many corrupt preachers in the church. They come in sheep’s clothing but they are ravenous wolves within.
  3. Just as it was before Josiah’s reform when the people were engaging in immoral acts. The same is true in our society today when people think practising religion does not deprive them of some immoral acts. Sometimes it is very difficult to distinguish effectively between a practising prostitute and a professing Christian.

There are significant lessons to learn from Joseph religious reform some of these lessons can be applied to the current religious situation.

  1. Josiah is a typical example of a good leader despite the fact that he was very young when he was ordained King.
  2. Both religious and political leaders should emulate the good examples from Josiah in influencing lives positively and ultimately transforming society.
  3. leaders in these contemporary times must learn from Josiah who although his predecessors did what was evil in the sight of God he did not follow their steps. Transfer of evil practices should be discouraged among contemporary leaders.


Significance of Josiah’s reform      

  1. Josiah’s reform made the people rededicate themselves to the service of God.
  2. Josiah’s reform brought about spiritual revival in Israel; the temple in Jerusalem was repaired and established as a centre of worship in Israel.
  3. The ordinances on the status of God were not made clear to the people.



  1. Discuss the significance of Josiah’s religious reforms.
  2. discuss Josiah’s immediate response to the discovery of the book of the law in the temple in what two ways in the religious situation too dissimilar to that of the system (SSCE June 1993).




We have come to the end of this class. We do hope you enjoyed the class?

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In our next class, we will be learning about Concern for One Nation. We are very much eager to meet you there.


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