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God’s care for His People 1 (Exo. 13 and 14, Joshua 8: 1-22)

When the Israelites got deliverance from Egypt, the land where they have been in bondage for many years. Their deliverance from the land of Egypt is a clear indication that God loves them. He cared for his people and was concerned about their wellbeing. Therefore, he sent Moses, his servant to lead them out of Egypt. He led them through the wilderness of the red sea. He went before them in the day in the pillar of cloud and at night in the pillar of fire. After they had left Egypt, Pharaoh regretted his decision to let the children of Israel leave. He wanted the Israelites back to serve Egypt. He organized his army and they pursued after the children of Israel to bring them back to Egypt. God out of his divine love and care for his people made provision for who to deliver his people.

Although the people murmured against their leader Moses, God did not change his plan to deliver his people. He organized for their total deliverance from Egypt and complete destruction of the stubborn Pharaoh who refused to acknowledge the sovereignty of God. The angel of God who went before the host of Israel relocated and moved behind them. This brought darkness between the two hosts. Whenever the Israelites had light, the Egyptians had darkness and vice versa. This was a divine strategy by God to ensure that the Egyptian do not override the Israelites.

God instructed Pharaoh to encourage people not to be perturbed. Moses being a good and courageous leader had confidence and faith in the God who had given him the assignment. He told the people,


Fear not, stand firm and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will work for you today; for the Egyptian whom you see today, you shall never see them again. The Lord will fight for you and you shall hold your peace.” (Exo. 14:13-14)

After this, Moses cried out to God and the Lord instructed him to stretch his rod over the sea and divide it. The Red Sea parted and the Israelites walked on dry land. When their enemies, the Egyptian pursued after them into the sea. But God discomfited them, the wheels of their chariots became less effective, with this they knew God was against them to the favour of the Israelites. After all the Israelites had crossed the red sea, God instructed Moses to lift up the rod in his hand to enable the sea to return to its former state, closing upon the Egyptians. After the Egyptians had perished in the Red sea, the Israelites saw the miraculous power of God. Miriam and other women took the tambourine to appreciate God for this great deliverance.


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In Joshua 8:1-22, God promised Joshua not to fear the people of Ai that he will deliver them into his hands. God gave Joshua divine wisdom with which he overcame the people of Ai. This is another account of the manifestation of God’s care for His people. Israel realized that obedience to God is the key to receiving divine guidance from God.



  1. Explain how God showed his care for his people in leading them out of Egypt.
  2. Describe Moses’ role in reassuring the Israelites of God’s care for them despite the prevailing challenges.



Discuss how despite the disobedience of the children of Israel to God, he cared for them by giving them victory over Ai.


Reading Assignment

Read Joshua 8




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