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SOCIAL INJUSTICE (Amos 2:6-8, 4-5: 1-20. 7:10-17, 8:1-14)

There was a high level of social and moral decadence in Israel. It was around that time that Amos prophesied. The focus of his prophecy was based on the injustice which had eaten deep into the social life on the Israelites.

God called Amos where he was doing his work as a shepherd and dresser of the sycamore tree to go and warn the people of the punishment that awaited them if they fail to repent of their evil ways. The sins of the people of Israel as listed by Amos are the following:

  1. The Judges took bribes and perverted justice i.e. the poor were denied justice
  2. The poor were robbed of their property. They pledge such property to borrow money but were unable to redeem it hence such property was not returned to them.
  3. The rich exploited the poor by selling to them with false weight and measures.
  4. They were also cases of false slavery. Some poor farmers who borrowed money were forced to become servants if they could not payback.
  5. Sexual immorality was on the increase.
  6. Both the wine and the garments from those that pledged to Lord was taken when they were supposed to be kept untouched but the rich slept on this garment and drank wine even in the house of God.
  7. Amos called the Samarian women “Cows of Bashan” because they indirectly took part in the evil.

Amos condemned the social religious atrocity that was prevalent among the people. He was criticized by some people which includes Amaziah. The social justice and religious practices of Israel were what made God warn through Amos. however, Amazon reported him to the King accusing him of conspiracy and sedition. Amos was told to go to Judah where he belongs to. In response, Amos prophesized that Israel would go into exile away from its land and the land will be divided by a line. He cursed Amaziah that his wife will become a harlot and his sons and daughters will be slain by the sword.

Reasons why does who oppose God would be condemned

  1. They are violators of God’s will, law and word.
  2. They should be condemned because their teaching leads to unhappiness and destruction.
  3. It is very wrong to oppose our creator.



  • Amos said that the samarian women will be taken to exile with a hook because they took part in the oppression of the poor by encouraging their husbands to do evil.
  • Those who exploited the poor to build for themselves houses of hew stones will not dwell in the house nor live to drink the wine of the vine they planted.
  • In all the square there shall be wailing and in all shall the streets shall say Alas! Alas!
  • Amos also told the priest that his wife shall be a harlot in the city and his sons and daughters shall fall by his swords. This indicates that God will raise a nation that will fight Isreal. Amaziah will also die in a strange land.



What do you understand by the term social injustice?



  1. Describe any three practices which Amos condemned in the religious life of Israel and indicate three things you recommended in their place SSCE August 1991).
  2. List and explain three reasons why those who oppose God will be condemned.





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