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Decision-making is central to the success of any leadership endeavour. in order to make good decisions, one requires Wisdom; it is Wisdom that enables a person to foresee the future and make good decisions.

When Solomon went to Gibeon to sacrifice to the Lord. God appeared to him in a dream by night and said to him ask whatever I will give you Solomon requested wisdom from God this request pleased the Lord very much and he said because you have not asked riches for yourself or the life of your enemies to be taken away but you have simply asked for understanding to do Justice I will give to you wisdom to the extent that no one will equal or supersede you in wisdom. God equally granted Solomon what he did not ask for, riches and honour with a promise to further his days if he will walk in the ways of the lord, keeping his commandments and status. Solomon’s gift of wisdom was demonstrated when two harlots struggling for a baby came to him for judgement. These two women live together in the same house and both gave birth to a baby on the same day. As days passed by, one of the babies died and both of them laid claims on the living baby. Solomon, (testing them ordered) that the baby should be cut into two and each party should be given to the women involved. The real mother of the baby wept and appealed to the King not to divide but instead, he should give the baby to her rival. But the other women who was not the real owner of the baby insisted that the baby should be cut into two saying, “it shall neither be mine nor yours, divide it” from their reactions Solomon was able to know the real mother of the baby this level of wisdom displayed by Solomon was rare in those days and this made Solomon very famous.


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Solomon’s Wisdom excelled the wisdom of surrounding Nations and they came to build his Wisdom. He spoke 3000 Proverbs and composed 105 songs. In terms of wealth Solomon was very rich the Bible recorded that he reigned over all the kingdoms from the river and the land of philistines as far as the border of Egypt they brought tribute to Solomon and served him. Solomon made arrangements with a Hiram king of Tyre to supply him with cedar and Cypress timber with which to build the Temple of the lord as well as his personal house in return he gave Hiram twenty thousand measures of pressed oil has food for his household yearly. When Solomon eventually completed the temple, the Ark of Covenant was brought into the temple and he prayed and dedicated the temple to the Lord.


Highlight two decisions by Solomon that made into be referred to as a wise King in Israel.



  1. discuss the source of Solomon’s Wisdom and how he misused it  Mention any four lessons that we can learn from this misuse (November 1989 SSCE).
  2. Can Solomon’s marriage to foreign women be classified as a wise decision, Discuss.




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In our next class, we will be learning about King Rehoboam Unwise Decision. We are very much eager to meet you there.


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