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In today’s Christain Religious Studies class, We will be learning about The Supremacy of God. We hope you enjoy the class!


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During the time of King Ahab, he married a foreigner from Sidon called Jezebel, the daughter of Ethbeal, king of Sidonians. Jezebel introduced the worshipping of gods of Sidonians. She and her husband erected an altar for Baal and Ashler and this led to religious tension in Isreal. Jezebel prosecuted the prophets of God by putting them to death while the ones that are alive went into hiding.

Ahab apparently was considered as one of the worst kings of Isreal, he did not only sin but also made Isreal sin against God. This annoyed God and he sent Elijah to Ahab to proclaim three and half years drought in Isreal as a punishment for abandoning their God for the worship of the god called Baal. God was with Elijah, he provided him with security and feeding at different places in different ways.

At first, Elijah was at the brook of Cherith, he drank from the brook while the ravens fed him, they brought bread in the morning and meat in the evening. When the brook dried, God sent Elijah to the widow of Zarephath who fed him.


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In the third year of the drought, it became severe in Samaria, the capital of Isreal. God sent Elijah to go and show himself to Ahab and announce his readiness to bring rain to Isreal, on his way to see the king, he met Obadiah who was searching for greener pastures for the king’s animal. Elijah directed Obadiah to go and tell King Ahab to come, reluctantly Obadiah took the message to the king. He feared he might get killed if the king who has been desperate in finding Elijah should come and not find him. He feared that the spirit of God was capable of taking him away to another place. Obadiah also reasoned that the king might have been told already how he hid the prophets of God and fed them.

When Elijah assured him that he will remain there waiting, he went and brought Ahab to Elijah, seeing Elijah the king said to him, ‘is it you, you troubler of Isreal’. That means that the king Ahab felt that Elijah had caused the drought, in reply, Elijah told King Ahab that what caused the drought was the forsaking of the commandment of God by king Ahab himself and his father’s house.


Lessons about the Supremacy of God

  1. God used Obadiah to protect the prophets because they were loyal to his cause in the land of Israel despite the idolatry in the land
  2. Elijah and Obadiah were very courageous not minding that Jezebel and Ahab were after the prophets of God.
  3. The rain that God withheld for three and half years demonstrated the manifestation of God’s power.



Who was Obadiah and what was his role between Ahab and Elijah?



  1. Discuss the lessons that can be learnt from the circumstances that led to religious tension in Israel.
  2. Discuss how God fed his prophets supernaturally during the famine by Obadiah.




We have come to the end of this class. We do hope you enjoyed the class?

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In our next class, we will be learning about King Josiah Religious Reforms. We are very much eager to meet you there.


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