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FAITH AND POWER OF GOD. (Daniel 6:1-28)

Daniel was one of the Jewish captives taken to exile in Babylon. He was very unique and blessed with the Spirit of wisdom from God. Daniel had absolute trust in God although in a strange land he expressed his total faith in the power of God. due to his outstanding performance, he was promoted and he attained several heights in the government of Babylon. The Bible says he had an excellent spirit. His unprecedented success attracted jealousy against him and his colleagues who served in the arms of affair in Babylon conspired to destroy him.

They sought for many things by which they could accuse Daniel but found nothing because he was an honest and faithful man. Although a politician and a top government official, He had clean sheets. he was not involved in dishonest deals that could tarnish the image of his God and his personal integrity. Knowing fully well that Daniel loved and served God continually his conspirators knew that he was a man of prayer Daniel prayed fervently observing the Jewish the hours of prayers. His conspirators planned their strategy to defeat him along the line of his devotion to God, therefore, they went to the King and made a request that a decree be made that no one should make a petition to either God or money for 30 days except to the King they added that the penalty of such offence was to cast the person into the den of lions. The request was to be signed with the signet of the King which cannot be changed according to the law of the Medes and Persians which could not be revoked. King Darius signed the documents according to their request not knowing that it was a conspiracy against Daniel whom he loved.

Although Daniel knew about this decree, he continued his habit of prayer and supplication to God. Just as they expected the conspirators took notice of these and reported him to the King. It was at the point that King knew of their plan. Therefore, he was very distressed about it and thought to deliver Daniel but the conspirators reminded him of the nature of the decree, in that it cannot be revoked according to the law of the Medes and Persia that no interdict or ordinances which the king established could be changed. The pressure was much as such the king could not help but pray for Daniel. Daniel was brought and cast to the den of lions but the king prayed all night with fasting for Daniel that God will deliver him. Early in the morning the king rose up and went near the den and called with a loud voice, “O Daniel, servant of the living God has your God whom you serve continually has been able to deliver you from the Lions?”

Daniel answered and said, oh King, live forever my God has sent his angel and shut the lion’s mouth and they have not hurt me because I was found blameless before him and also before you, knowing I have done no wrong.


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The king was very glad therefore he commanded that Daniel should be taken out of the lion’s den. The Lions didn’t hurt him because he trusted in his lord and the Lord delivered him. The king was displeased with what the conspirators of Daniel did; he knew they accused him wrongly. Therefore he ordered that they be thrown into the den along with their wives and their children, unlike Daniel they were devoured by the Lions. The king then changed the degree that everyone should trembling fear before the God of Daniel because it’s the living God that endures forever his kingdom shall not end he delivers and rescues he works signs and wonders in heaven and on earth he who saved Daniel from the power of the Lions.


We can learn from this account that Daniel’s faith and courage in God made him steadfast and obedient to him.


Describe how Daniel exhibited faith and courage in God despite opposition from his colleagues.



  1. Trace the circumstances that caused Daniel to be cast into the lion’s den what two lessons can be learnt from the episode (November 1989 SSCE)
  2. Narrate the story of Daniel in which his faith was put to test. What suggestion would you give to a present-day priest who faces opposition in the work of evangelization (SSC June 1995)




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