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Elijah at Mount Carmel

Ahab, a king in Israel was reported to have done evil in the sight of the lord more than all the kings who were before him (1Kgs. 16:30). He added to his sinful acts by marrying Jezebel the daughter of Ethbal, king of the Sidonians. In addition to this, he set up an altar for Baal in the temple of Baal in Samaria, Israel. Elijah the prophet in Israel was very displeased by the Acts of Ahab. Elijah proclaims a drought in Israel. Elijah was very passionate to prove to the Israelites that Jehovah was the God they were expected to serve and not to be misled by the evil administration of Ahab. The contest on Mount Carmel was inspired by God and championed by Elijah to establish the supremacy of God in Israel in order to give the people a spiritual rebirth. Therefore, Elijah tells King Ahab to gather all the 450 prophets of Baal to meet at Mount Carmel. he said to the people how long will you go limping with two different opinions? If the Lord is good follow him but if Baal then follow him. The prophets of Baal were offering a bull for sacrifice and Elijah also offered a bull for sacrifice such that the God that answers by fire will be worshipped as God. 450 prophets of Baal prayed and called on the name of Baal, they also cut themselves and blood gushed out, yet there was no response from their God.

Elijah came and first of all repaired the altar which had been broken down; he picked 12 stones according to the twelve tribes of Israel and used the stones to make an altar in the name of the God of Israel. He then caught the bull and placed wood on them and also requested the people pour four jugs of water on both the wood and the offering. He then prayed in the name of the lord and fire came down and consumed everything. There was absolutely nothing left that was not consumed by The fire that came from heaven. Seeing this the people of Israel were deeply convinced and they responded, ‘the Lord is God the Lord he is God.’ blood after you dyed your order to the people to cease the prophets of Baal who were already planning to run away they were seized and he killed them all. students I wish to inform you that that was not all Elijah killed them and he also prayed that there should be rain and just as he prayed there was rain.

elijah fire elijah on mount camel christain studies classnotesng

The lessons that can be learnt from the actions of Elijah

The following lessons can be learnt from the action of Elijah at Mount Carmel.

  1. the supremacy of God is over all other gods no matter how potent they may seem to appear.
  2. Elijah’s action shows that The weakness of a leader may ruin a nation.
  3. Most of the religious marriages have their consequences.
  4. God always has a remnant that is ready to defend his name.


Discuss how the contest on Mount Carmel showed the supremacy of God over other God’s



  1. Why did Elijah pronounce drought on Israel and how did Ahab react to it? what lessons about the supremacy of God do we learn from these events (SSCE August 1991).
  2. a. Describe God’s intervention on behalf of Elijah.
  1. state two lessons about the nature of God in the story (June 1999 WASSCE)


Reading Assignment

Read 1Kgs 18:17-46.

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