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THE EXPLOITS OF JOSHUA (Num. 13:16-33, 27:15-23, Jos. 6)

Joshua, the son of Nun, was from the tribe of Benjamin. He was formerly known as Hoshea until the time Moses appointed him as one of the 12 spies that spied on the land of Canaan it was at this time Moses changed his name to Joshua.

The defeat of the Amalekites (Ex. 17:8-16)

Joshua was called by Moses to choose some men of war among the Israelites to battle the Amalekites when they attacked them in the wilderness. Moses Aaron and all went to the mountain where Moses lifted up his hands with the staff of God in his hand. As long as Moses’ hands were lifted up Joshua was winning the Amalekites, but when he dropped his hands down, they were losing. Aaron and Hur put a big stone under Moses which he sat on and the elders raised his hands supporting him because Moses had become tired. His hands remained steady that way until sunsets. Therefore, Joshua defeated the Amalekites because of this, God promised to wipe out the Amalekites from the face of the Earth.

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The espionage to Canaan (Num.13)

Joshua was one of the ten spies that were chosen by Moses to spy out the land of Canaan. Each of these spies was chosen from each of the 12 tribes of Israel the spies were to confirm the following about the land.

  1. The strength of the Canaanites
  2. The people’s population whether they were few or many
  3. Whether the land was good or not
  4. Whether the people lived in camps or strongholds.

When the spies came back, they brought some of the fruits of the Land which they cut at the Valley of Eschol. Ten out of the twelve spies give an evil report of the land they said the people of the land had lived in fortified cities, they were Nephilims, the Amalekites and the Hittites. The people became mad at Moses when they heard this report from the spies. However, Joshua and Caleb gave a good report they said the Nephilims will be bread for the Israelites to consume so the people might be encouraged if it is the will of God, they said they will possess the land. When the people heard this report, they proposed stoning them.


Joshua: his commissioning as a leader (Num. 27:15-23)

After Moses’ sin at the waters of Meribahat Kadesh. he was denied entry into the promised Land. Moses prayed to God and asked him to appoint another leader for the people who will lead the Israelites so that the people will not be like a sheep without a Shepherd. God instructed Moses to take Joshua the son of Nun and make him stand before elders and the priest and the congregation of the people of Israel. Moses did exactly as God said he laid his hands on Joshua thereby commissioning him as the person to lead the Israelites into the promised Land. At the coronation service, Moses encouraged Joshua to be courageous and strong in the Lord.

After the death of Moses, the Lord appeared to Joshua and promised to take him over Jordan so as to occupy the promised Land. God told him to be of good courage and keep his laws so that you can succeed.


The fall of and entry into Jericho (Jos. 6)

When the people of Jericho heard that the Israelites were approaching their City and had passed the Jordan, they were afraid so they shut their City. They did this to prevent the Israelites from entering their City. God assured Joshua victory and instructed him to march men of war around the city once in six days and seven priests bearing seven trumpets of Ram’s horn and shall go before the ark of God. On the 7th day, they will march around the City several times. After this the priest would make a long blast with the horns of ram as soon as the people heard the blast of the trumpet, all of them should shout a great shout and the wall of the city shall fall down.

Joshua did exactly as the Lord instructed him on the seventh day and the wall of Jericho fell immediately the Israelites entered into the city and destroyed it but they saved Rahab the harlot and her family because she hid the two messengers Joshua sent to spy out the city before they entered it. They also spared the vessels of gold, silver, bronze and iron. These they kept in the treasury of the Lord’s house.


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Joshua’s advice to the Israelites (Jos. 24:1-28)

After the Israelites had successfully entered into the promised land and had effectively occupied and controlled the place. Joshua assembled the elders of Israel at Shechem and addressed them. He encouraged him to worship God while reminding them how God called Abraham out of his father’s house and country and God gave him the land of Canaan as the possession for him and his descendants. Joshua further reminded them how God delivers them from Egypt and runs their enemies in the red Sea. Joshua also recounted how the Israelites got victories over their enemies like the Amorites, Moabites, Perizzites, Canaanites etc.

In consideration of all this that God did for them, Joshua encouraged the Israelites to worship God in sincerity and Faith and never serve other lesser gods. He declared to them,

“as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord.”

he told the people they were free to choose their own gods but the people responded saying “we shall serve the Lord.” Joshua made a covenant with them at that place. He took a great stone and laid it under a brook of the sanctuary of the Lord. This was to serve as a witness to the agreement between him and the Israelites. During the days of Joshua, the Israelites served the Lord. Joshua died at the age of 110 years.


Joshua: his leadership qualities

  1. Courage:  he was courageous, his leadership brought victory to Israelites over many nations this included Amalekites, Canaanites, etc.
  2. Faithfulness: Joshua was a faithful servant of God who trusted in God and encouraged his people to do the same. This was reflected in his advice and farewell speech to the people at Shechem.
  3. Good administrator: he proved he was a good administrator in the careful manner with which he carefully implemented God’s instruction that led to the capture of Jericho and his good control of his people.



  1. Explain how Joshua displayed quality leadership in his assignment as a spy to Canaan.
  2. How does the raising of Moses’ hands result in victory for the Israelites?


  1. Discuss briefly how Joshua led the children of Israel to overcome Jericho.




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