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GOD CARES FOR HIS PEOPLE 2 (Exo. 14:16; 1:21, 17:1-16)

God’s guidance and protection of the Israelites, notes on this is the exodus out of Egypt and God’s rescue plan for the Israelites.

God’s provision for the Israelites (Exo. 16:1-21, 7:1-10)

Provision of manna: as the congregation of the children of Israel set out in the wilderness they got to a place where there were 12 springs of water and palm trees. They arrived at the wilderness of Sin, where the people grumbled at Moses because they were hungry and had no food to eat. They told Moses it would have been better for them to die of hunger in Egypt than in the wilderness. Moses and Aaron assured that God would provide food for them because he had heard their grumbling.

The glory of God manifested in the cloud and something whitish covered the earth. Moses told the people to gather these to eat as food. It was the provision of food, manna from heaven to the Israelites.


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Provision of water: after the Israelites ate manna, they were thirsty for water. They murmured against Moses and Aaron because they had no water to drink and they were thirsty. God commanded Moses to strike the rock with his rod which Moses did as God commanded him. Then water flowed out of the rock for the people to drink. Moses called the place Massah and Meribah because at this point the people tested God by saying,

“Is the Lord among us or not?”


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  1. God will answer our prayers as Moses prayed many times for the Israelites, and God answered him.
  2. God can and still provides for his children today as he provided for and protected the Israelites in the wilderness. God can provide for us beyond our expectations as he did in the wilderness of Sin and Rephidim.
  3. In spite of our murmurings and acts of ingratitude. The provision of God is headed towards us as it did for the Israelites despite their murmurings.
  4. Those who serve God honestly and sincerely can be sure of this protection from their enemies as he protected the Israelites from Pharaoh and His army.
  5. God sometimes permits his people to lack and then proves himself as the God of all-sufficiency when they call to him.
  6. God’s endurance is unlimited. This was demonstrated by God when He endured the murmuring and ingratitude of the people of Israel.
  7. Sometimes, God provides even when we do not make any request. This is possible because He is omniscient knowing our needs. He provides what we do not know we needed. This shows practically that God cares for us as his children.



  1. Narrate the circumstances that led to this “is the Lord among us or not?” by the Israelites.
  2. Describe how God proves himself as the “all-sufficient God” to the Israelites in the two accounts studied.


Discuss how God cared for His people when they grumbled at Moses for food in the wilderness of Sin.




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