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A computer network communication is a system connecting two or more computers that are together to exchange information and share resources.

Complex Networking can be defined as the interconnection of computers within an area for the sharing of data and other computer peripherals.  Each computer system connected to the computer network station is called WORKSTATION.

Network architecture describes how the network is arranged and how the resources are coordinated and shared.

An environment in which more than one person uses the system at about the same time is referred to as A MULTI-USER ENVIRONMENT.  In a multi-user environment, several terminals are attached to only one system unit called SERVER, each having access to the system unit.



  1. It allows the sharing of resources.
  2. It saves cost.
  3. It enhances productivity.



  1. Lack of security.
  2. Easily attacked by a virus.



Computer networking is the interconnection of computers within an area for the sharing of data and other computer peripherals.



  1. What is Computer Networking?
  2. State the advantages and disadvantages of computer networking.




This type of network connects computers in an office or within a building together to share files, information, programs and resources like printer, scanner, etc.



This is a network of computers within different towns or cities for the purpose of sharing files and information.  For example, computers in a UBA bank in Abuja can be linked together with computers of another UBA branch office in Lagos to share information on customers’ accounts.



This is a network that connects computers all over the world to share files and information.  It involves thousands of computers in various countries which provide information in all areas of human endeavour.  Internet users can read on subjects of their interest, carry out research and send or receive messages from every part of the world.


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A computer network connects different computers together to share data, files, information and resources.  There are different types of computer networks which are: Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN) and International Network (INTERNET).


  1. What is a Computer Network?
  2. Mention the THREE types of computer networks.




  1. The main aim of a computer network is ………….

(a) to share information and resources   (b) to browse the INTERNET   (c) to share data alone

  1. The system unit that allocates resources to other terminals in a network is called ……. (a) Workstation (b) Server     (c) Node
  2. In a multi-user environment, how many persons use the computer at the same time? (a) One (b) Two      (c) More than one person
  3. Computer networking saves cost.

(a) Yes      (b) No       (c) No idea

  1. If a server is off, can you access a network?

(a) Yes     (b) No     (c) a & b

  1. Which among the following is NOT a computer network?

(a) LAN      (b) WAN      (c) CAN

  1. Messages can be sent or received through the………..

(a) LAN      (b) WAN      (c) INTERNET

  1. The ……….. is a global network that provides access to global information. (a) WAN (b) LAN       (c) INTERNET
  2. Which of the following computer networks is best in an office or within a building? (a) LAN (b) WAN      (c) MAN
  3. What is the full meaning of WAN

(a) Wide Area Network (b) World Area Network (c) Wide Area News



  1. List the THREE types of computer networks.
  2. Write out the full meaning of the following:
      • (a) LAN
      • (b) WAN
  1. What is Computer Networking?
  2. List any two advantages and one disadvantage of computer networking.




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