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Computer professionals are information technology experts. The definition has extended to those involved in the internet industry too, those who deal with the computer industry to develop something. They may design, build, write or sell software. A computer professional is a person who works in the field of

computer professional may be:

  1. A person working in the field of information technology
  2. A person who has undergone training in a computer-related field college, universities and computer institutes
  3. A person who has extensive knowledge in the area of computing.


Some of the qualities needed to be most successful in the computer and IT world include the following:

  1. Excellent Analytical Skills
    Great computer professionals have excellent analytical skills that can be applied to solve problems or develop new ideas.
  2. Versatility
    A computer professional must be versatile, it is a necessary requirement needed by a professional who wants to be successful. The most successful computer professionals will be the ones who have skills that extend beyond information technology, such as skills in business and finance.
  3. Commitment to Learning
    Technology is constantly changing, and those who keep abreast of the latest developments in information technology are the ones who will be the most successful. Knowledge and keeping up with the latest trends is the key to success; there is no single person who knows everything.
  4. Good Knowledge of Math
    Strong mathematical skills are necessary because math is used in many computer applications, such as when dealing with circuits or programming.
  5. The Ability to Learn & Memorize Programming Languages
    Computer professionals must know many programming languages and how to use a wide variety of computer software programs. A great memory helps keep work efficient. There is a wide range of programming languages that are widely used for coding and writing programs, so memorizing all of them is what a decent specialist should be able to do.
  6. Good Communication Skills
    The soft skills of verbal and written communication are increasingly important as non-techies rely on technological tools for their everyday business. Understanding a client’s needs and the ability to meet those needs depend heavily on a steady stream of open communication. Those who are not familiar with technology can be confused when the computer technology specialist uses a lot of industry register, so you have to be able to switch between work speech and casual speech quickly.
  7. Attention to Detail
    The slightest mistake can affect how a web page looks or how a program runs. Computer personnel must pay close attention to detail to ensure everything works correctly and efficiently.
  8. Multitasking Ability
    People working with computers are often involved in many tasks at once and must be able to manage all of their responsibilities simultaneously. Time management skills and an ability to prioritize are assets as well.
  9. Solid Problem Solving/Troubleshooting Capabilities
    Computer professionals are called upon to solve problems with networks, software, and other programs. They are expected to solve these problems very quickly, and having sharp troubleshooting skills most definitely is a benefit.
  10. Technical Writing Skills
    Technical writing skills help a computer-savvy person explain complex concepts to those who have limited knowledge of the computer world.



      1. Must have ability to control, coordinate and manage things.
      2. High level of Computer literacy.
      3. Versatility in the field of Computer
      4. Good decision-maker when it comes to computer-related issues


      1. Good knowledge of a Computer
      2. Ability to repair and maintain a computer
      3. Must be able to identify good computers


      1. Excellent knowledge of Computer repair
      2. Computer parts assemblage
      3. Should be able to build at least a circuit board.

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      1. Good computer programmer must be able to give instruction to the computer.
      2. Use of computer programming language to develop programs.
      3. Ability to develop a good and durable program.
      4. Must be able to detect or debug a problem in a program.


      1. Teaches and trains people on the use, misuse and care of computer
      2. Impacts knowledge into computer illiterates
      3. Good knowledge of computer and effective operation

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      1. Good computer technician repairs computer
      2. Assembles computer parts
      3. Troubles shooting of Computer problems
      4. Computer hardware maintenance and repair


      1. Ability to analyze data
      2. Train people on computer usage
      3. Solve computer problems.
      4. Computer setup in workplaces and schools

system analyst computer science classnotesng


      1. Computer networking
      2. Troubleshooting of faulty networks
      3. Network configuration.
      4. Internet networking.
      5. Network update knowledge


      1. Fast typing skills.
      2. Use of graphics package for design
      3. Excellent use of computer for documents
      4. The effective operation of the Computer




  1. State some of the qualities needed to be most successful in the computer and IT world
  2. State general qualities of a good Computer Professional



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