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The word “INTERNET” stands for International Network simply put as NET. It comprises of all computers around the world, connected together to share resources and information irrespective of distance and/or geographical location. The Internet is a worldwide communication medium or pool from where people all over the world could exchange retrieve, disseminate and store information thus, turning the world into a global village. It is the use of the internet that actually turns the world into a global village where users like government, military, educational and commercial institutions around the world become one. There is no person, company, government or country that can claim single ownership of the internet. The computers within the internet are connected via communication equipment including telephone lines i.e. wired or wireless, satellites etc.



The internet, that is, International Network is an electronic means of communication via a computer network, whereby people all over the world can have access to information at any time in a matter of seconds. Information can be given to people all over the world to see and retrieve at the same time using a computer and telephone. It is the fastest and most reliable means of data and information transfer.

Internet is a worldwide communication medium where people all over the world can exchange, retrieve, disseminate and store information. No one person or organization owns the internet. It belongs collectively to the telecommunication companies.



  1. What is Internet?
  2. What is another name for Internet?

email internet computer science classnotesng 


E-mail simply means electronic mail. It is the most widely used resource on the net. It has a common resource provided by the net from sending and receiving electronic mail. E-mail has become the live wire for many businesses and personal communication. It is easier, faster and better. Emails are sent and received to or from any part of the world in a second. To send e-mail involves composing the message, connecting and sending the message. Generally, the message is created or composed on the computer and sent through the same medium to the destination. To facilitate effective use of e-mail facilities, the user also needs to have his or her own e-mail address (i.e., because in any form of letter writing there is always the addresser’s address and the addressee’s address.



  1. What is E-mail?
  2. Give an example of an e-mail address

worldwide web computer science classnotesng


The World Wide Web (www) is a package designed to present detailed information about an organization, product services. The World Wide Web also referred to as the web, is the global collection of multimedia document and files, which are stored on a computer connected to the internet. There are specific sites called websites that have unique features or information. A website is a collection of web pages maintained by the owner of the site. It is like having files containing information about your activities all in one collection. Each of the sites has a unique address and is called UNIFORM RESOURCE LOCATORS (URL) by which the site can be reached or located for whatever information. A typical URL anatomy is made of three parts.


Part                          Meaning

Http://                    protocol      the name of the computer where the information is located

Index                      the path and filename of the file retrieve


  1. What is the World Wide Web?
  2. What is a URL?
  3. The URL can be divided into how many parts?
  4. What is a website?






  1. Another name for the INTERNET is ……

         (A)  NET (b) Network (c) global village    (d) LAN

  1. The INTERNET has turned the whole world into a ……
  • (A) Computer (b) Network (c) global village    (d) town
  1. ……. is the fastest and the most reliable means of data and information transfer
  • (A)   www   (b)   e-mail    (c)   Internet    (d)    protocol
  1. E-mail simply means ………………..
  • (A)   Internet    (b)    electronic mail    (c)    International network    (d)    electronic means
  1. A website is a collection of …………………..
  • (A)   web pages     (b)     e-mail addresses     (c)    network      (d)     computers



  1. What is the World Wide Web?
  2. Give an example of an e-mail address


We have come to the end of this class. We do hope you enjoyed the class?

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In our next class, we will be talking about the Uses of Search Engines. We are eager to meet you there.

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