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There are various types of spreadsheet software which include:

  • • Microsoft excel
  • • Lotus 1-2-3,
  • • Starview,
  • • SuperCalc, etc.


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Out of the many examples of spreadsheet packages, Microsoft Excel is the most commonly used because of its friendly features. Microsoft Excel is part of Microsoft suite. The suite comes in various version such as 2000, 2005, 2007,2010, 2015 etc.

Ms-Excel is primarily used for analysis and calculation due to its flexibility. It has a lot of calculating features and mathematical formulas. Various kinds of mathematical calculations can be done using MS excel. Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet package used mainly for mathematical calculations and numerical analysis. Examples of calculations that can be performed using MS Excel include; addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, average, etc.

Formulas are often used to carry out calculations in Ms-Excel. The desired formula for any calculation must be preceded with an equal sign (=).

Starting Worksheet (Using Microsoft Excel)
Click the Start button;
Click All Programs;
Click Microsoft Office;
Click Microsoft Office Excel.


1. Highlight the steps for starting Ms-Excel.
2. What are the types of calculations that can be performed in Ms-Excel?



  • + Addition      – Subtraction
  • / Division        * Multiplication
  • ^ Exponential

When creating a formula, you must know MS Excel’s order of operations. Certain operations are performed before others. The term PEMDAS is the acronym to denote MS Excel’s order of operation.
P —— Parenthesis (Bracket)
E —– Exponential
M —– Multiplication
D —– Division
A —– Addition
S —— Subtraction
Calculations enclosed in parenthesis are performed first, followed by calculations involving exponentials. Multiplication and division operations are performed next because they are considered equal in importance. They are performed in the order in which they are encountered from left to right. Addition and subtraction are performed last in the order in which they are encountered from left to right.


Formulas in MS Excel
Addition =C3+D3
Subtraction =C3-D3
Division =C3/D3
Multiplication =C3*D3
Average =AVERAGE(C4…C9)


1. In the right order, list the order of calculation operations in Excel.
2. Apart from MS-Excel, list two other types of Spreadsheet packages.
3. Write the full meaning of the acronyms PEMDAS.
4. List two formulas in Ms-Excel.

Modern Computer studies by Victoria. Page 52.

1. The acronym that is used to denote MS Excel’s order of operation is ___ A. PEDDAS B. PEMDAS C. PEMMAS D. PEDDMA
2. ___ is the formula for finding average in Ms-excel.    A. C2/D2.    B. =AVERAGE (C4..C9)    C. =C4:C9     D. AV (C4..C9)
3. Which of the Calculations are performed first in excel?    A. Multiplication    B. Addition    C. In parenthesis   D. Division
4. All these except one are an example of spreadsheet packages. A. Lotus 1-2-3.   B. SuperCalc    C. Corel sheet    D. Ms Excel
5. “*” represents ___    A. addition    B. exponential    C. multiplication     D. none


1. State the steps to load Excel
2. What does the acronym, PEMDAS stand for?



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