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A database is an application that is used to store information in a structured way. It is a collection of records or data in an organized form. A database is an organized collection of related information that allows the storage of different types of record with appropriate interconnections.

Databases are designed to offer an organized mechanism for storing, managing and retrieving information. Databases operate through the use of tables.



The idea of a database came as a result of how people keep files in an office cabinet. In ancient times, there were no computers and most fillings and storing were done manually. This allows redundancy of data and time wastage.


Advantages of Database
  1. It enables file or document sharing
  2. It allows the consistency of data.
  3. It saves time.
  4. No data redundancy.
  5. It allows full file access.


Disadvantages of Database
  1. It is expensive to maintain.
  2. It requires an experienced database administrator.
  3. It requires sophisticated software.



  1. What is a database?
  2. Mention TWO advantages and TWO disadvantages of databases.



  • Table: a table is the basic unit of a database. It is a collection of related data about a specific subject. The table is divided into rows and columns.
  • Field: this is an area reserved for each piece of individual data, such as student ID, No etc. this is usually a column in the table.
  • Record: A record is a group of related fields pertaining to one person, place or thing. Databases consist of records and each record represents one item in a database. a record is usually a row in a table.
  • Key field: A key field or primary key is a field that uniquely identifies each record in a file. The data in a key field is unique to a specific record.
  • File: is a collection of related records. If you work with a computer, you are already working with files.


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  • A Database is a collection of interrelated files or tables.
  • File: is a collection of related records.
  • Record: is a collection of related fields.
  • Field: is the smallest unit of data about a person, thing, place, etc.



  1. List and explain TWO database terminologies.
  2. Explain database concept.
  3. What is a file?
  4. List and explain two database terminologies.





  1. …………….. is a group of related fields pertaining to one person or thing. A. Record B. Database B. File C. Key D. Table
  2. The basic unit of a database is ……………………. A. record B. database B. file C. key D. table
  3. An application that is used to store information in a structured way is called…………. A. record B. database B. file C. key D. table
  4. Databases allow ……………….   A. storage of large information B. allows redundant data C. none D. all
  5. Which of the term does not relate to database? A. key B. record C. file D. none



  1. What is a table in a database?
  2. Differentiate between row and column.




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