African Union


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African Union

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Origin of the African Union 

On the 13th of July, 2001 marked the last summit of the Organization of African Unity. It birthed as well a new organization known as the African Union (AU) which was agreed by 50 of the 53 member countries.

Aims and goals of the African Union

  1. To jointly build economic cooperation at regional levels for African nations.
  2. To create a feasible relevance of Africa in a highly competitive world.
  3. To foster the integration of Africa in the trade of which includes dependence on the import of goods and services and diversification of Africans economic base.
  4. To eradicate poverty, diseases in the continent of Africa.
  5. To introduce a single currency for Africa.

Structure of the AU

AU was modelled in part after the European Union (EU).

  1. African Parliament which Is located in South Africa.
  2. African Central Bank in West Africa.
  3. African Investment Bank in North Africa.
  4. African Monetary Fund in Central Africa.
  5. African Court of Justice in East Africa.
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African Union Headquarters

Problems of the AU

  1. The AU is hugely indebted to the tune of about 40 million US dollars or more.
  2. Lack of private sector and civil society involvement.
  3. Lack of good governance in many African countries
  4. Some member states do not respect the rule of law.
  5. There is the absence of significant change in the economies of many nations in Africa.
General evaluation
  1. What structure is the AU partnered after?
  2. Give three aims of AU.
  3. Identify four problems of AU.


  1. Provide three ways the AU can become debt-free.
  2. What is the significant difference between AU and EU?


In our next class, we will be talking about the Commonwealth of Nations. We hope you enjoyed the class.

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