Nigeria and the World II

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Nigeria and the World II

Nigeria and the World |

Factors that can affect Nigeria’s foreign policy

  1. Commitments of previous governments in the area of signing or entering into treaties affect the foreign policy of the nation.
  2. The size of Nigeria and her amount of human resources affects her foreign policy. Nigeria is a very large nation and is seen as a big shoulder to lean on by other nations in Africa especially.
  3. The military strength of the nation tells how foreign policy is formed and carried out.
  4. Historical Background also affects Nigeria’s foreign policy. Nigeria was colonized by Britain and thus share great connections with her former colonial leaders.
  5. Globalization is a key factor in determining the foreign policy of a country. Nigeria is a democratic nation and would always want to associate with other democratic nations of the world.

Formulation of Nigeria’s foreign policy

  1. The President of Nigeria is technically the duty of the President.
  2. Nigeria’s diplomats are consulted when making foreign policy and taking decisions.
  3. The presidency is assisted in policy formulation by the minister and officials of the Ministry of External Affairs as well as experts at Nigeria’s Institute of International Affairs.
Features of Nigeria’s foreign policy
  1. Nigeria as a country seeks friendship and cooperations with other nations and in doing this respects territorial sovereignty of other nations.
  2. Nigeria believes in the peaceful resolution of crises.
  3. Nonalignment is also a feature of Nigeria’s foreign policy. Nigeria is not for blocs.
  4. There is respect for the territorial integrity of other nations. Nigeria does not forcefully interfere in issues not relating to her as a nation.
  5. Eradication of colonialism in Africa: Nigeria has contributed to the independence of some African Countries. Nigeria supported South Africa to fight against apartheid.


In our next class, we will be talking about Africa as the Centrepiece of Nigeria’s Foreign Policy. We hope you enjoyed the class.

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