Local Administration in Nigeria

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Local Administration in Nigeria

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The Local Government under the 1963 Republican constitution were created mainly to deal with issues of local concerns such as markets, motor parks, feeder roads, etc.

Hence, local government can be defined as the government established through an Act at the local level to deal with issues at the grassroots level.

The structure of the local government is such that people at the grassroots level can access the government.

Local government has a legal existence and therefore could sue and be sued.

Functions of the local government
  1. The local government provides basic essential services to the people. Such services include markets for the people, creation of motor parks, local primary health cares etc.
  2. They bring the government closer to the people.
  3. Local government create employment in society.
  4. They enhance community development.
  5. Local government help train future leaders in the society through grassroots Youth empowerment programmes.
Sources of local government finance
  1. Local government get revenue from the imposition of levies such as television and radio levies, motor parks levies etc.
  2. They get grants from both federal and state governments.
  3. Local government also embark on commercial activities to generate revenue like going into the transportation business.
  4. Donations: Some individuals and cooperate bodies donate money to the local government.
  5. Fines are collected by the local government from people who default bye-laws of the local government.
Problems of local government
  1. The local government do not have enough trained personnel. Many workers at the local government do have the professional skill required for the job.
  2. There is also the problem of a shortage of funds to run the local government effectively.
  3. Low incentives: Workers are not given many incentives as to when compared with their other mates in states and the federal government.
  4. Tribalism and nepotism: Some workers are given special privileges due to tribal sentiments and some are more favoured than others.
  5. Corruption: This is a huge problem in the local government as a result of the absence of accountability of leaders at the local government.
Features of the local government reform of 1976
  1. The 1976 reform established a uniform system of local government as regards their functions, structure, and financing nationwide.
  2. The local government was made the third tier of the government of the federation.
  3. The 1976 reform created large-sized local government areas nationwide.
  4. The federal government was to fund the local government with a statutory percentage share of the federation account and state revenue went to the local government. Also, special grants were made available to the Local Government Service Board and Commission.
  5. The office of Chairman and Supervisory Councillors was made full-time.
  6. The 1976 local government reform prevented traditional rulers from practising politics by setting up a separate council of chiefs with an essential advisory role.
  7. The reform harmonized the condition of service of local government personnel with the personnel of the state and federal governments.
  8. The 1976 reform granted full democratization of all local governments in Nigeria.
  9. The Chairman and Councillors were made to be elected and also paid fixed monetary allowances.
Role of traditional rulers in Nigeria
  1. The traditional rulers were empowered to make laws in their respective domains.
  2. They were made the fathers of their respective communities and served as a link between the dead and the living.
  3. They were empowered to maintain law and order and endure that peace reigns in their respective communities.
  4. The traditional rulers act as custodians of the traditions and culture of their people.
General evaluation
  1. Define the. meaning off the local government.
  2. What year was the local government reforms?
  3. State three reasons the local government was set up.


  1. Give four reasons for the reforms of the local government.


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