United Nations Organization (U.N.O) II


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United Nations Organization (U.N.O) II

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Organs and functions  of the UNO

  1. The General Assembly: All members of states are members of the general assembly. Duties of the organs include maintenance of global peace and security, promotion of human rights and fundamental freedom for everyone, approval of key appointments such as the office of the Secretary-General, etc.
  2. The Security Council: This is the most powerful organ of the UNO. Initially, it was made up of 5 permanent and 6 non-permanent members, in 1965 it was enlarged Making non-permanent members 10. The permanent members are USA, Britain, France, Russia and China. The 10 non- permanent members are elected to serve a term of two years from among the member states.
  • Functions of the Security Council include; promoting peace and security, investigates disputes and gives solutions to them etc.
  1. The Secretariat: This is the administrative unit of the organization with its headquarters in New York, USA. The head of the Secretariat is the Secretary-General who stays in office for a period of five years term and could be reelected.
  • Functions of the Secretariat include handling correspondence, prepares the annual reports on the events of the organization, etc.
  • Functions of the Secretary-General includes preparation of the annual budget of the organization, organizes international conferences, administers peacekeeping operations around the world, prepares agenda fo the general assembly.
  1. The Trusteeship Council: This organ is in charge of trust territories. Their duties are, supervising trust territories, promoting the economic and social development of people in these trust territories, working out the modalities for these trust territories to becoming self-governed someday, etc.
  2. International Court of Justice: This organ is the world court and has its headquarters in Hague, Netherlands. It consists of 15 credible judges who are elected by the General Assembly and the security council. Functions of the International Court of Justice. (ICJ), settles disputes between countries at the international level gives legal advice to the UNO, serve as the main judicial organ of the UNO, etc.
  3. The Economic and Social Council: 27 member of the UNO makes up this council who are elected by the General Assembly. Functions of this council include carrying out researches on global issues affecting sectors like education, culture, health, economy and giving recommendations to the General Assembly of the UNO. They also give suggestions on how best to promote human rights and are involved in working with the organization’s specialized agencies.

The UNO has some member states who exercise veto powers.

General evalation
  1. State the organs of UNO
  2. What organ of the UNO is the highest?
  3. Identity four functions of the Secretariat Organ of UNO.


List the countries of the UNO that exercises veto powers.


In our next class, we will be talking about Specialized Agencies of U.N.O. We hope you enjoyed the class.

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