Commonwealth of Nations


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Commonwealth of Nations

Commonwealth of Nations |

Commonwealth is an international organization which comprises of former nations colonized by the British Empire.

Historical perspective

The former British empire comprised territories acquired by Britain in different parts of the world forms this organization. The Queen of England heads the Commonwealth.

The name Commonwealth was adopted in 1951 with its headquarters in London.

All members of the commonwealth are given the free hand to pursue their local and foreign policies.

Membership: over 31 nations are members of the Commonwealth, such nations include, Nigeria, Uganda, Malaysia, The Gambia etc.

Aims and objectives of the Commonwealth
  1. To promote a platform for a common understanding among members states.
  2. To respect the territories and boundaries of member states.
  3. To problem solutions to emerging issues affecting member states.
  4. To foster a spirit of friendship and love through sport with member states.
  5. To support and work in partnership with other international organizations such as the United Nations to promote world peace across the globe.

The Commonwealth consists of countries formerly under British rule.

General evaluation
  1. Who heads the Commonwealth?
  2. List three members of the Commonwealth.


  1. List ten countries that are not members of the Commonwealth.


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