Specialized Agencies of U.N.O II


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Specialized Agencies of U.N.O II

Specialized Agencies of U.N.O | classnotes.ng

Purposes of the agencies

  1. To reduce international Conflict
  2. To integrate the interests of various nations.
  3. To promote world peace.
  4. To foster friendship and bring nations of the world together.
  5. To encourage globalization and development across nations of the world.
  6. To help improve the standard of living in developing nations and the less developed ones.

Aims of the specialized agencies of UNO

  1. To promote world peace
  2. To reduce global conflicts.
  3. To unite nations of the world.
  4. To improve the standard of living of nations especially less-developed nations.
  5. To enhance global productivity.
Achievements of the U.N.O
  1. With the help of the international court of justice, disputes have been settled among nations of the world.
  2. The UNO provides financial assistance to help countries in need.
  3. Through the World Health Organization, the UNO has conducted a series of researches to help find solutions to various health problems across the globe.
  4. The U.N.O has been able to reduce the problem of refugees by taking care of people fleeing from war nations to other countries for safety.
  5. With the universal declaration of human rights of 1948, all nations all over the world have keyed into the vision of protecting the rights of their respective citizens.
Challenges of the United Nations Organization
  1. Diverse ideologies: Many nations of the world have different views about ways of handling issues. This is a big challenge facing UNO.
  2. Presence of veto power: The five permanent members of the Security Council exercise veto power which if not checked could be used to meet their selfish interests which could pose a threat to the existence of the UNO.
  3. Activities of the International Monetary Fund are often against the economic interest of developing countries because they are often neo-colonialist in nature.
  4. The presence of other regional groups such as the AU, ECOWAS, EU, etc has weakened the level of commitments of members states who are also members of these subgroups.
  5. Shortage of funds to execute huge capital projects is a problem for the UNO.

The United Nations Organization is an international organization that seeks to provide global peace.

General evaluation
  1. Give the names of the five permanent members states of the UNO.
  2. Give two achievements of the UNO.
  3. State three problems of the UNO.


  1. Discuss how UNO can best prevent a 3rd world war.
  2. Give the name of the current Secretary-General of the UN.


In our next class, we will be talking about Economics Community of West African State (ECOWAS). We hope you enjoyed the class.

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