Commonwealth of Nations II


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Commonwealth of Nations II

Commonwealth of Nations |

Organs and functions of the Commonwealth

  1. The prime minister conferences: is the highest organ of the Commonwealth. Comprises of Heads of state of governments of member States. Their functions are approval of budgets, the appointment of the Secretary-General etc.
  2. The secretariat: This organ is headed by the Secretary-General located in London. It is responsible for the preparation of reports, organizing annual conferences of Heads of states etc.

Achievements of Commonwealth of Nation

  1. Deserving students have access to Commonwealth scholarships courtesy Commonwealth of Nation.
  2. Member states gave access to financial aids such as loans and grants to support in the economic development of the states.
  3. Commonwealth has over the years fostered friendly relationships among member states.
  4. Member states enjoy forums where common problems are discussed to provide solutions to these problems.
  5. Member states enjoy a friendly atmosphere of growing their respective economies through various trading interactions. For example, Nigeria and Britain enjoy favourable business transactions thanks to the Commonwealth.
Problems of the Commonwealth of Nation
  1. Absence of a common currency: This affects the rate of business transactions because member states have different currencies.
  2. Political instability in some member states poses a threat to the existence of the Commonwealth.
  3. The introduction of Visa into the United Kingdom could affect the cordial relationship already established by member states with the United Kingdom.
  4. Different foreign policies of member states hinders the progress of the Commonwealth.
  5. Fear of domination by larger nations affect the full participation of other smaller countries of the Commonwealth.


The Commonwealth of Nation is one of the international organizations making her own contributions towards the growth and developments of Nations across the globe.

General evaluation
  1. What is Commonwealth of Nation?
  2. Give two objectives of the Commonwealth.
  3. Mention three problems of the Commonwealth.


  1. Identify four ways the Commonwealth of Nation can overcome her current challenges.


In our next class, we will be talking about the United Nation Organization (U.N.O). We hope you enjoyed the class.

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