United Nation Organization (U.N.O)


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United Nation Organization (U.N.O)

United Nation Organization (U.N.O) | classnotes.ng

Origin of the UNO

The origin of the United Nations Organization can be traced to 24th October 1945 when countries like the United States of America, Britain, France, China and the Soviet Union and over 50 nations met at San Francisco in the USA to draw a charter which was a move to prevent the outbreak of another war when the second world war ended in 1945.

The sole goal was to promote global peace and security. Nigeria became the 99th member of the UNO after her independence.

Principles of the United Nations Organization
  1. Upholds democracy: The UNO promotes the principles of democracy and does not encourage military rule.
  2. Unity: It encourages unity and cooperation among member States.
  3. Equality: The organization respects the sovereign equality of member states.
  4. Peaceful settlement of disputes: The organization push for peaceful ways of settling disputes among nations of the world.
  5. Trust and loyalty: Members of the UNO are expected to operate always on the pure bases of trust and loyalty and to abstain from any form of disloyalty.
Aims and objectives of the United Nations Organization
  1. To ensure that global peace and security is maintained.
  2. To promote mutual respect, friendship, equal rights among member states.
  3. To settle disputes peacefully among member states.
  4. To encourage growth in the economies of member states.
  5. To improve and promote international cooperation in solving global issues collectively.

UNO seeks to promote global peace.

General evaluation
  1. Why was the UNO formed?
  2. Give twenty countries that are members of UNO
  3. State the year Nigeria joined UNO.


  1. Give three ways UNO can help fight against terrorism.


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