Characteristics of Types of Soil


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In today’s class, we will be talking about the characteristics of types of soil. Enjoy the class!

Characteristics of types of soil

types of soil

The soil types determine how and what we can grow or what we can plant. They are the basis for all farming. Here is a quick guide to the characteristics of each soil type.

Sandy soil:

  1. They Have large, loosely packed particles
  2. They Do not hold water
  3. They are rough when rubbed between the fingers.
  4. They do not hold many nutrients. So, crops do not grow well on sandy soil.

Step out into your playground on the football field, Take a small portion of the soil, feel the soil in between your fingers. Determine if the particles are rough or smooth. Are they loosely or tightly packed?

Clay soil:

  1. Has small and tightly packed particles
  2. It is smooth when dry and sticky when wet.
  3. It Can hold a lot of nutrients.
  4. I does not allow air and water through it
  5. It holds on to water too well most crops do not grow on it

Loamy soil:

  1. loamy combines the properties of sandy and clayey soil.
  2. It retains the right amount of water and nutrients.
  3. It is the best soil for farming
  4. contain more nutrients, moisture, and humus than the other soil types.
  5. It drains well and it is well-aerated i.e. allows enough to pass through it.
  6. Loamy soil is easier to till than clay soil. 
General evaluation
  1. State three characteristics of sandy soil
  2. Give four characteristics of loamy soil that makes it the best soil for planting.

Weekend assignment

  1. ———- soil has small tightly packed particles
  2. Loamy soil is a combination of ——— and ——– type of soil.
  3. ———- type of soil is well aerated.
  4. When soil is well aerated, it means it has enough ———– a) Humus b) Air     c) Sand
  5. ———- soil holds onto too much water and prevents it from growing a) Sandy soil. b) loamy soil.     c) clayey soil


  1. Write four characteristics of clayey soil


In our next class, we will be talking about the Formation of Soil – Soil Formation.  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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