Properties of Soil: Physical Properties


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In today’s class, we will be talking about the properties of soil. Enjoy the class!

Physical properties of soil

Physical properties of soil

Physical properties are properties that can easily be determined through visual inspection or feel. Each soil type has some physical properties. The property of any soil type is what makes it different from the others. Soil is made of varying amounts of silt, sand, and clay. The proportion of these components determines if the soil is a sand, loam or clay or any combination of these


Collect soil samples from three different locations

  1. From the beach
  2. From mud
  3. From the garden of farmland

Take a look at each sample, feel each sample between the fingers. And write down your observations.

soil types

Sandy soil
  1. Sandy soil lacks moisture
  2. It is dry
  3. It is made of large particles that are loosely bound.
  4. It is porous
  5. It is light brown in colour
Clayey soil
  1. Clayey soil is slippery and sticky when wet.
  2.  When dry, clayey soil is hard.
  3. It is very smooth, feels like powder.
  4.  It cracks when it is very dry.
  5. It is reddish-brown in colour, used for making bricks
Loamy soil
  1. It contains moisture
  2. It feels a little rough.
  3. It is dark in colour,
  4. It is moderately porous
General evaluation
  1. What are the physical properties of the soil?
  2. Mention three types of soil.

Weekend assignment

  1. ———- soil is sticky and slippery when wet.  a)   sandy    b) loamy    c) clayey
  2. Loamy soil contains enough moisture. True or False
  3. Soil from the beach feels ———-   a) smooth   b) rough    c) tender
  4. Loamy soil is ———— in colour. a) dark brown    b) orange    c) reddish brown.


  1. Mention two types of soil and describe their physical properties.


In our next class, we will be talking about How to Enrich the Soil and Maintain Soil Fertility.  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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