The Land and the Soil


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In today’s class, we will be talking about the land and the soil. Enjoy the class!

The land and the soil

The land and the soil


Practically everything around us in our environment is standing on land. The trees, animals, insects, houses and even man. Every plant that produces food for us in our farmlands or gardens are all standing land. Soil is the topmost layer of land. It is the part that sustains crops.


Look around your immediate environment right now: do you notice all the different things standing on the soil? Take out your notepad now and list ten different things that you notice that are standing on soil.

Types of soil

There are three main types of soil: sandy soil (sand), clayey soil (clay) and loamy soil (loam).

  1. Sandy soil:

When rain falls, water runs on the ground and leaves some soil along its path. When the ground becomes dry, it is easy to collect the soil left with the hand. This soil type is called sand. The type of soil we find in deserts, beaches and seashore are all sandy soils. Sandy Soil is light, warm, dry and tends to be acidic and low in nutrients.

  1. Clayey soil:

This is another type of soil. Clay is dark-brown, and it is not found everywhere. Clay soil is sticky since there is not much space between the mineral particles, and it does not drain water well at all. It is used in moulding pots.

  1. Loamy soil:

Loam, therefore, is a mixture of sand, clay and some dead plants and organic matter. This is the soil type in which plants mostly grow. It is, therefore, very good for farming. It contains the right amount of particles and nutrients that help plants grow well.

General evaluation
  1. What is soil?
  2. Mention three types of soil.
  3. Which type of soil is the best for planting?

Reading assignment

Read up classification or types of soil and their differences.

Weekend assignment

  1. Sandy soil is mostly found in ——– a) garden   b) beach    c) homes
  2. The best soil for planting is ———- soil.    a) loamy    b) sandy    c) clayey
  3. ——— soil is used for moulding pots.  a) sandy soil   b) Loamy soil.   c) Clayey


Why is loamy soil said to be the best for planting the best that supports farming?


In our next class, we will be talking about the Characteristics of Types of Soil.  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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