How to Raise Ornamental Plants (Flower Plant)


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How to raise ornamental plants

How to raise ornamental plants

Meaning of ornamental plants

Ornamental plants are plants that are specifically grown to decorate or beautify our surroundings, e.g. school, home, and office. Common examples are shrubs, potted plants, and flowers in beds. A flower that is grown in a pot is a type of ornamental plant. Potted plants and flowers are grown to make the school or home surroundings beautiful.  A person who grows and takes care of ornamental plants is called a horticulturist.


  1. Step out of where you are now into the surrounding. How many ornamental plants can you find around? Identify them.
  2. In the picture below, how many different flowers can you identify that the horticulturist is taking care of?

Steps in growing potted plants

There are twelve steps involved in

growing flowers in pots. They are:

Step 1: Get suitable containers, such as clay pots, plastic pots, concrete pots, or metal pots,

Step 2: Obtain loamy soil or humus from a suitable location.

Step 3: Prepare a shaded or cool environment for growing the flower.

Step 4: Fill the containers or pots with the soil.

Step 5: Arrange the pots in rows and water them.

Step 6: Plant the flowers of your choice in the pots. This may be through seeds, seedlings, or stem


Step 7: Mulch with dry soft grass after they have germinated.

Step 8: Water the flowers at two-day intervals.

Step 9: Add manure or fertiliser where necessary.

Step 10: Remove weeds if any (A process called weeding).

Step 11: Tend the flowers to the shape required.

Step 12: Remove the pots from the shaded spot to suitable spots in the school or home compound.

General evaluation
  1. Which type of plants are referred to as ornamental plants?
  2. What are the benefits of ornamental plants for us?

Weekend assignment

  1. Ornamental plants ——— our surrounding. a) Beautify    b) Repair   c) Pollute
  2. ——- and —— are examples of ornamental plants.  a) tree and leaves.  b) shrubs and flowers   c) crops and grains
  3. In planting ornamental flowers, the first thing to get is ——-   a) Bags   b) cutlasses.   c) containers
  4. One of the steps taken in planting ornamental flowers is ———–   a) cutting grasses  b) Mulching.   c) Picking fruits


  1. List the steps taken in planting ornamental flowers


In our next class, we will be talking about More Steps in Growing Ornamental Plants.  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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