Preparation of Compost/Manure


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In today’s class, we will be talking about the preparation of compost. Enjoy the class!

Preparation of compost

Preparation of compost

Meaning of compost and manure

Compost comprises a mixture of decaying vegetation and manure. Manure on the other hand is mostly animal dung. Compost is used as fertilizers to improve on soil fertility, thereby improving the growth of plants.


Look at the picture below and describe what you see.

The best place to build a compost
  1. Compost should be built where there is a good source of water.
  2. It should be close to the farmland or garden.
  3. It should be close to the source of materials used in building it.
  4. There should be enough shade to prevent sun from drying it up.
Materials for making compost
  1. Water
  2. soil
  3. Plant garbage
  4. Animal muck
  5. Food waste
  6. Little Wood ash (sawdust)
  7. Dried flower
  8. Dry leaves
  9. Weed without seed
Methods of making compost

There are two methods of making composts; they are 1) Pit method and  2) Heap method.

Pit method:
  1. Dig four pits of different sizes.
  2. In the first pit(loading pit), arrange the materials for making compost in layers separated by soil and wet with water for easy decomposition.
  3. After two weeks, move the content of pit A to B (first turn).
  4. After about one week, move the content of B to C (second turn).
  5. After another one week, move the content of pit C to D.
  6. Cover the compost to prevent evaporation, leaching and erosion before applying it to the farm.
  7. The content in pit D is the COMPOST/MANURE.
Heap method:

Using this method, compost is prepared by placing the compost materials in a heap, it is made wet with water and then buried with soil.

General evaluation
  1. What is compost?
  2. State the Methods of compost making
  3. List five materials for making compost.

Weekend assignment

  1. Mention five Materials for compost making
  2. Explain the Steps in making compost
  3. Describe the best location to make or prepare a compost.


In our next class, we will be talking about the Processes Involved in Making Compost.  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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