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Cultural practices for growing vegetables

Cultural practices for growing vegetables

Vegetables are crops whose parts are used for food. These parts may be leaves, roots or fruits. Vegetables are used for preparing soup and salad. Some vegetables can also be eaten raw, i.e. without cooking them.

Cultural practices for growing vegetables can be divided into three: pre-planting operations, planting operations and post-planting operations.


  1. Look around your garden at home or the garden of a neighbour and your school farm; can you identify some of the vegetables that are found there?
  2. Can you identify some of the vegetables in the picture below

Cultural practices for growing vegetables

It can be divided into three:

  1. pre-planting operations
  2. planting operations and
  3. post-planting operations
Pre-planting operations:

These are the activities which must be carried out on the farm before growing or planting vegetables. These activities include choosing of the site; clearing/ stumping of the site; tilling/making of beds, ridges or mounds and harrowing.

Planting operations:

Seeds and seedlings are usually planted. In some vegetables, e.g. water-leaf, stem cuttings may also be planted. Vegetable seedlings are transplanted onto the beds at correct intervals or spacing early in the morning or late in the evening.

Post-planting operations:

These are activities which should be carried out after planting vegetable seeds, seedlings or cuttings. Post-planting activities to be carried out on vegetables include mulching; manuring; staking; thinning/supplying; weeding; control of pests and diseases; harvesting; processing, preservation and storage; and marketing.

Importance of growing vegetables
  1. Vegetables provide food materials (vitamins) for bodybuilding.
  2. They help us in our study of plants in school.
  3. By selling them, they provide us with a reasonable income.
  4. Growing vegetables provide us with an opportunity for outdoor activity.
  5. Having plants around our house helps to keep the air cool and purified.
General evaluation
  1. What are vegetables?
  2. Mention the three stages involved in the cultural practices of growing vegetables.

Weekend assignment

  1. List the three stages in cultural practices of growing vegetables
  2. Mention two activities that are carried out in each stage.
  3. State three importance of growing vegetables.


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