Consumers’ Right and Challenges 

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Topic: Consumers’ Right and Challenges

Sub Topic: Consumers’ Challenges and Right Options for the Consumer


Consumers should be knowledgeable about what they are going to buy before consumption any act of misbranded goods should be uncovered. Goods or food items that have been altered should be discarded. A consumer should be mindful that they receive quality service or goods for what they are paying for.




Government agencies that monitor whatever goods that are produced for the use of consumers are:

  1. Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON)
  2. Consumer Protection Council ( CPE)
  3. Food Inspection Officer

consumer rights home economics classnotes


  1. Report any act of poor food items to the nearest organization
  2. Destroy any purchased bad or spoilt food item
  3. Always buy food items from clean and hygienic environs.



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10 thoughts on “Consumers’ Right and Challenges ”

  1. Good evening. I am new here and I hope to enjoy the lessons being taught. Please do you necessarily have to destroy items when seeking redress? Wouldn’t that now be destruction of properties?

  2. Again, please you are seeking redress, meaning you are receiving compensation for bad goods bought. Isn’t buying food from healthy environs a measure of prevention to avoiid bad purchases?? Thank you.

  3. Pls ,if we destroy spoiled items, what else will we used as an exhibit in case of any uprising? .What are the specific challenges of consumers?.Thanks

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