Textiles: Introduction


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Topic:  Textiles

Sub Topic: Definition, Basic Textile Names.

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Textile is a Latin word. It derives from the adjective ‘textilis’ meaning woven. This is a flexible material consisting of a network of natural or artificial fibres. It can also be defined as any material made interlaced with fibres that includes carpeting.

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Basic textile terms

  1. Yarn: is a thread made by twisting or spinning fibres
  2. Fabrics: is a cloth constructed with yarn or directly from fibres by weaving, knitting, crocheting and felting
  3. Weft: is the yarn that runs cross in a fabric. It is at a right angle across the selvedge grain
  4. The wrap: is like the yarn or thread which runs lengthwise in a woven fabric, it is parallel to the selvedge.
  5. The selvedge: this is the edge of the fabric made by the weft thread or yarn by turning over the thread.



Reasons for studying textile

  1. To identify different types of fabric and their characteristics or properties
  2. To use fabrics correctly
  3. Ability to choose or select suitable fabrics
  4. Helps us take care if our clothing
  5. Helps us to understand the properties and characteristics if textiles such as reaction to water, heat and fire



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