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A drug is a substance or a mixture used for the prevention or cure of ailment.

Drug abuse is defined as the non-medical use of drugs that can alter mood or perception and have the ability to make the user want to continue to use the drugs in spite of health, social and physical impairment.

Common drugs that can be abused are Tobacco, Marijuana, Alcohol, Cocaine, Indian hemp, etc.

A drug is said to be abused when it is taken without a doctor’s or medical prescription. Below are some of the ways drugs can be abused:

  1. Continuous intake of drugs without prescription.
  2. Taking drugs more than the prescribed dosage.
  3. Using drugs in ways that are medically and culturally unacceptable.
  4. Continuous use of drugs despite their adverse effects on the user.
  5. Using drugs to the extent that it leads to a change of mood and perception of the user.
  6. Taking drugs beyond the recommended periods.
  7. Giving of self-medication.
  8. Taking of prohibited substances referred to as hard drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, etc.
  9. Heavy consumption of tobacco such as cigarettes and snuff.
  10. Heavy consumption of substances such as coffee and kola nuts mostly used to stay awake.



  1. What is drug abuse?
  2. Mention six ways drugs can be abused.



  1. Easy access to drugs.
  2. Keeping bad company.
  3. Family background.
  4. Poverty.
  5. Need to keep awake.
  6. Peer pressure.
  7. Enhanced performance.
  8. Ignorance.



  1. Define drug abuse.
  2. Mention five causes of drug abuse.



  1. Mention three ways popular organizations are formed.
  2. Define community service and give four examples of community service.
  3. Explain five features of democracy.
  4. Mention four disadvantages of democracy.
  5. How can the rule of law be encouraged?



Drug Abuse: Fundamentals of Civic Education for Senior Secondary Book 2, Sola Akinyemi, Pages 51-58



  1. What is drug abuse?
  2. State four possible reasons for abusing drugs.





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