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Popular organizations are those organized groups whose membership cuts across different areas of the society with clearly defined objectives. An example is a political party. As an organized group, a political party is an association of people with a similar political ideology whose major objective is to contest elections and gain political power in order to obtain control of the government.


The formation of a political party can take the following forms:

  1. Socio-Cultural Organization: Many political parties started as cultural organizations. The Action Group (AG) started as a cultural association known as Egbe Omo Oduduwa while the Northern People’s Congress (NPC) sprang up from a popular Northern cultural association called JamiyyaMutanemArewa.
  2. Religious Organizations: Political parties can be formed based on religious beliefs and doctrines. This is common in countries where a particular religion is predominant. Examples of such associations are Christian Democratic Union in Germany and the Muslim League in Pakistan. Countries like Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Israel are nations where political parties are formed based on religious beliefs.
  3. The government in Power: The government in power may decide to form or create political parties for the country. Former president, General Ibrahim Babangida formed the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and National Republican Convention (NRC) that contested the 1993 elections.
  4. Labour Organizations: Labour Organizations can transform into a political party that seeks to promote the interest of the organization. Labour Party (LP) in Nigeria and the Workers’ Solidarity Party in Indonesia are examples.
  5. Constitution: The constitution defines the party system in any state. It also determines the requirements for the formation of any party. There are three major types of party system: One-party, Two-party and Multi-party system.



  1. Define political party.
  2. Mention four ways political parties are formed.



  1. They help to promote democratic principles.
  2. They ensure the accountability of government officials.
  3. They promote a peaceful change of government.
  4. They bring about unity among different groups and interests.
  5. They serve as watchdogs on elected representatives.
  6. They provide political education to the public.
  7. They provide welfare and humanitarian services.



  1. Mention four roles of popular organization.
  2. How can a popular organization ensure accountability in government?



  1. What is democracy?
  2. Differentiate between classical and representative democracy
  3. Outline five disadvantages of democracy
  4. Describe three ways popular organizations are formed.
  5. What four roles can popular organizations play to promote democracy?



Formation of Popular Organization: Fundamentals of Civic Education for Senior Secondary Book 2, Sola Akinyemi 38-40. 


  1. Briefly explain the following: i. Zero-party system ii. One-party system iii. Multi-party system
  2. Explain three roles of popular organizations in the development of society.




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