Factors that can lead to the Success of Responsible Parenthood. 


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The following factors are required to bring about responsible parenthood.

  1. Effective Education: Good education is one factor that can lead to successful responsible parenthood. Education gives the necessary exposure and knowledge that will help the parents to attend to the needs of their children.
  2. Good Values System: The exhibition of positive values in the society will promote responsible parenthood in the country. Positive values teach us to be respectful, honest, responsible and patriotic.
  3. Employment Opportunity: Engagement in economic activities will enable parents to provide for the basic needs of their children. Parents without jobs or good jobs may not be able to lead a responsible family.
  4. Family Size: The size of the family is determined by the number of people living together as a family. Small size family will promote responsible parenthood than a larger family. It is advisable that family size should not be larger than the income of the family.
  5. Enlightenment Campaign: Public enlightenment campaign on the importance of responsible parenthood will go a long way to influence parents in response to the needs of their children.
  6. Good Governance: A responsive and responsible government will provide the necessary infrastructures that will enable parents to be responsible.
  7. Respect for Law and Order: People tend to be more responsible in a society where there is respect for law and order.


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  1. Poverty: One of the major constraints of good parenthood is the inability of the parents to provide for the basic needs of the family i.e. food, clothing and shelter. A situation where parents cannot fend for themselves it will become difficult to attend to the needs of the children either educationally, socially, materially, financially and otherwise.
  2. Illiteracy: Illiterate parents lack basic knowledge and exposure that ensures responsible and good parenthood. The children are at the mercy of their peers and neighbours for survival. This is a major constraint of good and responsible parenthood.
  3. Customs and Traditions: Some of our traditional practices and cultural beliefs are restrictions of good parenthood. In some cultures sending a girl child to school is seen as a waste of time and resources. Such children can grow up to become threats in society.
  4. Bad Governance: Government that is not responsive to the needs of the citizens is creating a platform for parents to become efficient in their responsibilities. A Bad government can lead to criminality, insecurity, injustice and conflicts in the society. These are serious concerns for good parenthood.
  5. Unemployment: Parents who are not gainfully employed may be compared by the circumstances and situations of the moment to become bad parents. They will have low self-esteem and high sense of inadequacy.
  6. Environmental Factors: The effect of the environment of the parents and the children is a major constraint of responsible parenthood. People are products of their environment. In most cases, children turn out to replicate the lifestyle, behaviour and attitude of their immediate environment. This is a constraint of good parenthood.



  1. Mention any five factors that can promote good parenthood.
  2. What makes responsible parenthood difficult in our society today?



  1. Define drug and drug abuse
  2. What do you understand by values?
  3. Mention five positive values you know.
  4. Define citizenship education.
  5. List five importance of citizenship education.




Responsible Parenthood: Civic Education for Senior Secondary Book 2, R.W. Okunloye et.al, Pages 44-47.



  1. Explain how responsible parenthood can promote peace in society.
  2. What factors are necessary for good parenthood?




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