Air Pollution



INTRODUCTION: In the last lesson, we were able to state the meaning of pollution, we learnt about water pollution, mentioning the causes or sources of water pollution. We learnt how water pollution can affect us and the environment. We also focused on how to prevent pollution of water. In today’s lesson our focus will be on Air Pollution.



Air is polluted when harmful substances are released into the atmosphere.


Causes/sources of Atmospheric Pollution.

  • Release of smoke from burning bush or burning waste into the atmosphere.
  • When gas is flared i.e. fumes of gases from factories released into the atmosphere.
  • Fumes from exhaust pipes of vehicles
  • Bad odour from waste, sewage, decaying plants and animals



Effects of Air Pollution.

  • Air pollution causes lung cancer
  • It is the cause of some plant diseases
  • It causes irritation of the respiratory tract
  • It causes skin irritation which can lead to some skin diseases.
  • It causes other clinical illnesses like headache, runny nose, puffy eyes etc.
  • It can lead to suffocation.


Prevention/Control of Air Pollution

  • Government should make laws against activities that pollute the air like gas flaring
  • The general public should be properly enlightened about the dangers of polluting the atmosphere.
  • Industries and factories should be sited far away from where people live.
  • The people should be educated on the health benefits of having and living in a pollution free environment.
  • The use of explosives around residential area should be abolished.








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