Waste and Waste Disposal III



INTRODUCTION: In the past weeks we learnt about types of waste and different methods of properly disposing waste. We looked at the dangers of improper or poor disposal of waste. We also learnt that recycling is an effective method of disposing waste. In today’s lesson we will focus more on recycling and its advantages.


Meaning of Recycling: Recycling means treating waste materials or waste substances with the purpose of using them again. This means that waste products that are recycled can be reused.


Methods of Recycling

There are various ways or methods of recycling depending on the type of waste to be recycled.

  1. Used Soil can be recycled by adding manure or fertilizers to revamp it and give it nutrients.
  2. Waste water from bathrooms and kitchens can be recycled by adding various chemicals to make it clean again. The water can be used for irrigation and washing of tools.
  3. Used bottles and containers can be washed and used to store water in the fridge.
  4. Broken furniture i.e. chairs, tables, cupboards, etc. can be repaired or reshaped by carpenters. If they are very bad and can be used as firewood etc.
  5. Plastic containers can be washed and used as storage facilities. They can also be used as fuel.
  6. Old Newspapers can be collected and used as raw materials for the making toilet papers.
  7. Used metals and iron. These can be melted and reshaped into new objects


Advantages Of recycling

  • Recycling protects the environment from pollution.
  • It sometimes gives access to raw material.
  • It promotes personal hygiene.
  • When recycling is carried out, used plastic containers are cleared from the environment and from drainage systems hence flood and erosion are managed.
  • Manure obtained from used materials enriches the soil and promotes crop yield.
  • It provides opportunities for people to serve and make money.


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