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Materials -



INTRODUCTION: In this topic we are going to learn the following;

  • Meaning of materials
  • Identifications of materials
  • Types of materials
  • Uses of materials
  • Uses of woods
  • Uses of metals
  • Uses of plastics



Meaning of materials

Material is a matter from which an object is or can be made. Material can be pure or impure and can also be living or non-living matter.



A material can be defined as items used in making what we need for our daily activities like building constructions, industrial processes etc.

Using the classroom as a case study. Items like the lockers, dustbin, chair, roof are all made from different classes of materials.


The three classes of materials are:

  1. 1. Metals
  2. 2. Plastics
  3. 3. Wood
  4. Others are rubber, ceramics etc.




  1. Metals
  2. Wood
  3. Plastics
  4. Ceramics
  5. Synthetic fibres
  6. Composites
  7. Glass etc..




Uses of wood

  • For cooking in a local kitchen
  • For making chair, tables and all forms of furniture
  • It is used for paper making
  • It is used for building and road constructions
  • It is used for electric poles etc.


Uses of metals

  • It is used for making sheet/ furniture
  • It is used for constructions of house, roads etc.
  • It is used for security doors and gates
  • It is used for building cars and ships
  • It is used for making food cans
  • It is used for making coins as a form of currency etc.

Uses of plastics

  • It is used for making cups and plates
  • It is used for making buckets and Jerry cans
  • It is used for making plastic floor tiles
  • It is used for making electric sockets and switches.



Materials is simply a tangible substance from which a thing is made or produced.

There are basically three main classes which are

The metals, wood and plastics have their various uses.

Like metal is used to make cars and ships, wood is used in making wooden things like chairs, tables, roofs etc. while plastics are used in making plates, cups, etc.



What is the meaning of a material?

Identify three materials

List three uses of wood, plastics and metal materials.



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