Land Pollution



INTRODUCTION: We have already stated that pollution is the introduction or release of contaminants into the environment. There are many causes of pollution on land, in water and in the atmosphere. In the last classes we have seen the sources, effects and prevention of water pollution and air pollution. Our focus today will be on land pollution.



Land pollution occurs when due to the many activities of man the soil around us is littered with all kinds of waste which will have adverse effects on living things.


Causes/Sources of Land Pollution

  • Indiscriminate dumping of waste in the environment
  • Indiscriminate burning of bush, tyres and other wastes.
  • Littering of human waste or animal dung around
  • Oil spilled on the land.
  • Excessive use of fertilizers on farmlands.

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Effects of Land Pollution

  • Some fertilizers kill living organisms in the soil.
  • Refuse and sewage disposal on lands give out offensive odour
  • Indiscriminate littering of refuse makes the environment unsightly
  • The littered waste takes up space
  • Dumping of chemicals on lands kills farm crops
  • Farmland can even become unfertile


Prevention/Control of Land Pollution

  • Discourage the culture of bad refuse disposal
  • Educate the populace on the need to maintain a neat environment always
  • Recycling of waste should be adopted
  • Dumping and littering of the environment with human faeces should be avoided.
  • Proper refuse disposal should be encouraged.


  1. Explain how indiscriminate dumping of refuse will affect living things
  2. Mention two ways by which land pollution can be controlled.










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