Drawing Instruments



At the end of this class, students should be able to identify the basic drawing instruments and their uses.



Drawing instruments are an essential part of Technical drawings and students should know about the following drawing instruments.

Drawing instruments are.

  1. Drawing Board
  2. Drawing Sheets
  3. Math set Box
  4. Mini – Drafter
  5. Set squares (30° Triangle and 45° – 60° triangle)
  6. Ruler
  7. Protractor
  8. Drawing Pencils (H, 2H and HB Grades)
  9. Eraser and Sharpener
  10. Tapes and Clips for holding down the drawing sheets.



The Drawing boards: they are very supportive and make it easy to adjust the drawing boards at the required places. Drawing boards are made by the softwood with 25 mm thickness.

The Drawing Sheets: The Drawing sheets should be Tough and Strong. Standard drawing sheets are available.

The math set box: In the mathematical set it contains the following instruments.

  1. Compasses
  2. Dividers
  3. Inking pen



There are different sizes of a compass. Compasses are mainly used to draw circles. Compasses are two types; they are Large Compasses, and Bow Compasses.

  • Large compasses are used to draw circles up to Ø100 mm.
  • The bow compasses used for the small circles up to Ø25 mm Diameter.




The proper care and maintenance of drawing instruments, supplies and equipment are the following:

DRAWING INSTRUMENTS                          PROPER CARE

Drawing board or drawing tape


●     It should always be in good (drawing) working condition.

●     It must always be clean on or before using.

●     Do not leave any kind of marks on your board to retain its smoothness.




●     Never sharpen the pencil over the drawing or close to any of your equipment.

●     Always keep the lead sharp.


 T-square, triangles and French curves ●      Do not use the T-square for any rough purposes.

●     b.   Never cut paper along its working edge, since the plastics can easily be damaged.


Ruler ●     Rulers should not be pricked with needle points of either the divider or compass when measurements are taken.


lettering pens ●       After using, clean by wiping-off or scraping the ink on it with clean cloth, which is a little wet or you may use a blade for scraping.
Dividers and compasses


●     The needle points must be sharp and of equal length.


Drawing paper



●      It should be stored in rolled form.

●     It should not be crumpled or wet or kept in a moist or cold place.









List 2 maintenance for each of the following drawing instrument

  • Ruler
  • Drawing board
  • dividers


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